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Will Other Caribbean CIPs Follow St. Kitts and Raise Prices? Here’s What the CIUs Are Planning

The question on everyone’s mind is if other Caribbean CIPs will raise prices like Saint Kitts. IMI contacted each to get an answer.

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Industry Largely Welcomes Grenada CIP’s 20% Equity Rule, But Not Everyone is Happy

While prominent industry commentators laud the introduction of a skin-in-the-game requirement, some Grenadian developers say the government’s definition of “skin”

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Grenada CIP Leaves Nothing to Chance in New CBI-Discounting Prevention Regulations

In a follow-up circular to this week’s announcement that the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programme had lowered its real estate investment requirement to US$220,000, the program’s CIU makes it clear that the practice of discounting CBI-real estate will not fly in Grenada.

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