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IMI is home to the world’s most comprehensive (and constantly-growing) collection of capital-based* migration program pages, which run the whole gamut from well-known CIPs to obscure startup visas. 

While not capital-based, a number of Citizenship by Descent programs are also included on the map.

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*For purposes of eventually obtaining permanent resident status (or even citizenship).

Programs by Type

Residence by Investment Programs

Programs that offer residence permits within months in exchange for passive investments, with limited physical presence requirements. AKA Golden Visas.

Digital Nomad Visas

Programs that allow foreign citizens to work remotely from another country for limited periods, typically without becoming a local tax resident, subject to income thresholds.

Albania DNV
Anguilla DNV
Antigua & Barbuda DNV
Armenia DNV
Bahamas DNV
Barbados DNV
Belize DNV
Bermuda DNV
Brazil DNV
Cape Verde DNV
Cayman Islands DNV
Colombia DNV
Costa Rica DNV
Croatia DNV
Curaçao DNV
Cyprus DNV
Czechia DNV
Dominica DNV
Ecuador DNV
El Salvador DNV
Estonia DNV
Georgia DNV
Germany DNV
Greece DNV
Grenada DNV
Hungary DNV
Iceland DNV
Indonesia DNV
Italy DNV
Japan DNV
Latvia DNV
Malaysia DNV
Malta DNV
Mauritius DNV
Montenegro DNV
Montserrat DNV
Namibia DNV
Panama DNV
Portugal DNV
Romania DNV
Seychelles DNV
South Africa DNV
South Korea DNV
Spain DNV
Sri Lanka DNV
Turkey DNV
Uruguay DNV

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*IMI chiefly covers migration programs that are based on capital (rather than, for example, employment, family unification, etc.): These programs confer citizenship or residency on the basis of capital that you must either invest, donate, earn, or simply possess.

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