CBI Real Estate Watch

Putting the ‘real’ back in CBI real estate

CBI Real Estate Watch is the community-driven platform for keeping track of the approved projects of citizenship by investment programs.

What is CBI Real Estate Watch and why did we create it?

Too many CBI-approved projects either never get off the drawing board, grind to a halt, or aren’t completed on time. In some cases, developers engage in downright fraud by collecting investment without building anything at all.

CBI Real Estate Watch intends to make such practices more difficult – or, at least, embarrassing – by maintaining a transparent, public record of a development’s progress, visible to investors and agents alike.

Keeping CBI Real Estate Watch up-to-date will be a community effort. To make the database as complete and accurate as possible, we ask developers, investors, and readers, in general, to fill in the gaps in our knowledge by submitting links to recent photos (not CGI/renderings), completion-date announcements, as well other sources to substantiate a request for a change in status. You may reach the editor directly on cn@imidaily.com.

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