IMI Video

Promotional video production for the RCBI market

Showcase your property development, company, or product with a world-class promotional video.

IMI Productions – through its parent company, Brass Tacks AS – produces beautiful, ultra-high quality promotional videos for hotels, companies, and destinations with a special focus on the investment migration market.

Whether you need a video aimed at investors, agents, or other business partners or clients, IMI Video has you covered.

Because of our background in the investment migration industry, we understand the market, your company’s position within it, and which sides of your project need highlighting.

Together with your team, we’ll plan, execute, and finalize videos tailored to your specifications.

How it works

While the process of creating a promotional video will be different for each project, they each have the following steps in common:

  • Pre-production – Formulation of objectives (1-3 weeks)
    Editor Christian Nesheim, together with chief director David Casero, will work with your team to formulate a set of objectives for your video. Is it to generate investor leads? To find B2B partners? To showcase your hotel to guests? Whatever the needs and goals you have for your video, we will make sure everyone is on the same page about what type of video you want before we finalize this stage.
  • Pre-production – Storyboard and script (2-4 weeks)
    The next step is to create a storyboard and (if applicable) a script. A storyboard is an image-rich document that organizes and pre-visualizes your video through the sequential outlining of scenes and sections of your video, while a script is a written text prepared for those of your team members who will be speaking on-camera.
  • Pre-production – Logistical planning (2-3 weeks)
    In this phase, IMI Video – together with your company – plans and organizes the shooting schedule, makes appointments for interviews, books flights and accommodation, and determines what equipment is needed.
  • Production (2 days – 2 weeks)
    This phase is where the actual filming takes place on-site. Director David Casero, as well as 1-2 additional videographers (precise numbers depend on the scale and type of project), visit your company or property and conducts interviews, and records timelapse/panorama/drone/general footage.
  • Post-production 1 (2-3 weeks)
    Once we have collected raw footage on-site, we prepare the first draft of your video according to the sequence outlined in the storyboard. The rough draft leaves out the final, tech-intensive elements of editing, such as motion graphics, color-correction, animations, and so on; we leave this work for the final stage in case significant changes to the sequence and structure are needed between Post-production 1 and 2.
  • Post-production 2 (1-2 weeks)
    In this phase, we implement the changes requested during the preceding phase before finally handing over the finished product.

Who you’ll work with

Christian Henrik Nesheim – Executive Producer
Christian is the founding editor of IMI. He has worked in the investment migration industry since 2015 and written about since 2017. Christian will be responsible for the project from start to finish and intimately involved during each step of the process, with the exception of the on-site production itself. He will work with David and your company to write the storyboard and any scripts, plan and coordinate each step of the production process, and generally ensure everything is working according to the plan and schedule.

David Casero – Chief Director
David has more than a decade’s experience producing promotional videos for a wide range of corporate clients and has a five-year degree in Audiovisual Communication from Complutense University in Madrid. David will be the on-site director and head of the camera crew for your video project and will also be intimately involved in shaping the storyboard. David has worked with IMI on promo video production since 2018. To see examples of his previous work outside IMI, see his portfolio here.

Examples of our previous work

Click to watch videos:


Because each project is idiosyncratic, there is no fixed price for IMI Video’s productions but, in any case, the payment is split into parts that correspond to the above stages of production: 25% comes due prior to the Storyboard and Script phase, 50% is due prior to the Production phase, and 25% is due prior to delivery of the finished product.

Contact Christian Nesheim today on to get started creating your world-class promo video.