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IMI has the world’s largest and most concentrated audience of investment migration practitioners and clients. We offer a wide variety of promotional solutions for different types of companies and individuals. To help you find the most cost-efficient solution for you, we’ve sorted our solutions into categories based on the nature of your promotional needs.

Audience Analytics

100,000+ subscribers and followers

200,000+ monthly page views

100,000+ unique monthly users

46% newsletter average open rate (2023)

Readers in the major RCBI hubs…

…and in key demographic groups.


"We hesitated about investing in a sponsored feature because of the cost. We shouldn’t have: When we finally took the plunge and published our first sponsored article in IMI, it generated two clients in the first week. Those two initial clients have since introduced us to several other clients. Our return on the sponsored feature ended up being easily 30 times the initial investment."
"Even though our team has decades of experience in the investment migration industry, when we first started Latitude, few in the industry knew about the firm. Because our business model is geared toward helping other firms in the business through B2B partnerships, we needed other industry firms to hear about Latitude quickly. The most cost-efficient way we found to get the whole industry’s attention quickly was IMI. Within a week of our first sponsored feature, we received dozens of messages from people wanting to work with us. Advertising with IMI gave us the kick-start we needed."
"In 2018, Turkey re-priced its program and became an overnight success. Suddenly, there was tremendous interest in the program. We wanted our firm to be the partner that investment migration firms contacted for their Turkey CIP needs. Since the market had essentially just opened and was already booming, we needed to act quickly to gain market share in the early stages of the program. After some googling, we realized that the one place online where the whole industry congregated was IMI, and we secured a long-term marketing agreement that included the sponsored program page for Turkey, sponsored features, and banners. Within a few months, we were a household name among industry practitioners, and we’ve made back the money spent on advertising many times over."

Promotional Solutions

Sponsored Features

What are sponsored features?
Sponsored features (see recent examples of sponsored features here) are articles or videos that look and feel the same way as ordinary IMI posts, except that the sponsor decides the content. This can take the form of text, images, video, or any combination thereof. The sponsor provides the content, upon which IMI will review for grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.

Who will I reach with a sponsored feature?
Sponsored features are shared on all our platforms, including, IMI’s social network account (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter), in our weekly and daily newsletters, as well as with our WeChat audience (translation to Mandarin Chinese is included in the price).

Front page and sidebar square banners
Front page full-width banner

Banner Ads

What are banner ads?
Banners are image-based ads that, when clicked, take the reader directly to the website of the advertiser. Banners appear in the right-hand sidebar of all our articles, on the front page of, and can also be included in our weekly newsletter.

Who will I reach with a banner ad?
Anyone who reads an article in IMI or visits the front page and/or receives the weekly email newsletter.

In-article banner

Program Page Sponsorships

What is a program page sponsorship?
On IMI, each RCBI program has its own Program Page. Each program page has only a single sponsor. Becoming a program page sponsor makes your company an authority on that particular program and makes it the natural entity with which to get in touch for further inquiry.

Who will I reach with a program page sponsorship?
Everyone who visits a particular program page, usually by following the links IMI includes in news stories about that particular program or by clicking one of the program pages in the top menu.

IMI Real Estate Featured Listings

What is an IMI Real Estate Featured Listing?
IMI Real Estate is an online property listing page dedicated exclusively to real estate that helps the buyer qualify for residence/citizenship by investment. Developers are welcome to list any qualifying property for free. If you want your property to stand out, you can purchase a featured listing.

Who will I reach with an IMI Real Estate Featured Listing?
– Everyone that scrolls down the front page of IMI

– Everyone that visits IMI Real Estate

– Everyone that visits the IMI Real Estate Instagram account

RCBI Company Directory Featured Listing

What are RCBI-Directory featured listings?
The Residence & Citizenship by Investment Company Directory is the world’s only comprehensive database of investment migration firms. It contains the contact details and other info on some 1,000 service providers from the residence and citizenship by investment industry.

Stand out from the crowd by getting a featured listing. Featured listings always appear first in search results in the directory and, on average, get about 300% more views than non-featured listings.

Who will I reach with RCBI-Directory promotions?
Everyone that visits the RCBI-Directory.

Featured Event

What is a featured event?
Featured events are essentially the same as banner ads (see above), except that, instead of appearing on the front page, they appear at the top of our Events section and in our weekly newsletter. To make sure your event stands out, you can purchase a Featured Event.

Who will I reach with a featured event?
You will reach anyone visiting the IMI Events section and anyone subscribing to our weekly newsletter.

Companies that Work with IMI


The bigger the package, the lower the unit cost.
Because we prefer to engage in long-term partnerships, our pricing structure rewards larger packages; buying a single promotional item is relatively expensive, while buying a suite of items is extremely cost-effective, with discounts of up to 50% on very large orders.

Need help finding the right solutions for you?
We are happy to provide fully customized packages to suit your firm’s particular needs.

Reach out to for a tailored offer.


Promo ItemPrice
Sponsored features€1,899
Front page square banner€1,899 per month
Sidebar square banner€1,899 per month
Front page full-width banner€5,000 per month
In-article banner€5,000 per month
Newsletter banner€749 per edition
Featured Event€1,250 per month
RCBI-Directory Featured Listing€299 for 3 months
Program Page SponsorshipUpon request*
IMI Real Estate Featured Listing€895 for 3 months

* Each program page has a different annual sponsorship fee, depending on the program's popularity. Prices vary from €1,000 to €4,000 per year.


How can I get a discount?
As a rule, the larger your promotional package, the larger the discount we can offer. For very large packages, we can offer discounts of more than 50%.

Do I have to pay to have my article published on IMI?
No. You can contribute articles to IMI for free, as long as they don’t have commercial content.

What’s the size of IMI’s audience?
See our analytics.

Will IMI write my sponsored article for me?
For an additional fee, a member of our team will write a sponsored article according to your instructions.

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