If there’s one thing the investment migration industry isn’t short on, it’s passport rankings. We’ve put together an overview of passport indices, ordered alphabetically.

While there’s a great deal of overlap between them, each ranking relies on a different methodology to evaluate citizenships and, by extension, passports. Note that the quality of the rankings varies considerably. 

If you know of any further passport rankings you think should be included, please send an email to cn@imidaily.com.

The Arton Capital Passport Index compares passports mainly on their visa-free travel options, but also on how welcoming the countries are to other nationalities.

The Global Passport Index, from Global Citizen Solutions, combines visa-free travel scores with the issuing country’s attractiveness as an investment destination, as well as with Quality of Life scores to arrive at a more comprehensive score for each country.

The original passport ranking, the Henley Passport Index ranks passports based on the number of countries to which its holders can travel without applying for a visa in advance.

This tool will help you determine the unique visa-free countries when comparing two similar programs and help you determine if the programme you’re choosing has all the visa-free countries that are important to you.

The Nomad Capitalist Passport Index, developed by Andrew Henderson, compares nationalities based on visa-free travel, levels of taxation, international perception, whether dual citizenship is allowed, and “overall freedom”.

The QNI takes a strictly quantitative approach to determine the intrinsic value of a nationality based on seven weighted factors: Peace and stability, weight of travel freedom, diversity of travel freedom, weight of settlement freedom, diversity of settlement freedom, human development, and economic strength.

Developed by Simon Black, this ranking considers a country’s international arrivals and GDP and gives each country an “attractiveness score”. Visa-free access to more attractive countries gives a higher rank. There’s more too, but too much to explain here. Follow the link above to learn more.

This index differs notably from the rest in that, in addition to considering visa-free travel and dual citizenship laws, it also attempts to estimate a market value for each citizenship, in dollar-terms.

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