IMI is the investment migration industry’s newspaper of reference and its leading professional platform.


We help investment migration professionals stay informed, connect with each other, and make more money.

To do that, we provide:

Superior-quality industry news, analysis, and commentary

Our readers rely on us to deliver the accurate, impartial, and fact-based information that helps them do their job as investment migration practitioners.

Our Articles section features more than 2,500 articles encompassing news, commentary on current events, interviews with key figures, and in-depth analysis of thorny issues.

As the residence and citizenship by investment industry’s newspaper of reference, we are a trusted source of data for periodicals like Bloomberg, The Economist, BBC, Newsweek, Fortune, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Business Insider, and many other venerable publications.

The richest, most accurate market data

The IMI Data Center is home to the world’s most comprehensive collection of statistics on the residence and citizenship by investment market and provides detailed intelligence on programs, countries, and companies. 

A wide range of services for industry firms

Our services include custom market research and reports, RCBI-specialized content production, client referrals, video production, and custom consulting for industry firms.

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Comprehensive intel on investment migration programs

IMI hosts the internet’s most extensive collection of capital-based migration program pages, containing essential information on 100+ programs. 

We also provide our members with the most sensitive and actionable market intel in our quarterly Private Briefings.

Uniquely productive networking events

One of IMI’s core functions is to bring industry members together and foster open discussion between them. One of the practical ways in which we make that happen is to organize networking events that give our members the opportunity to meet and talk openly (yet privately) about the things that matter most to the industry, all in a comfortable and informal setting, each time in a unique venue. 

See highlights from our events:

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IMI Connect Istanbul 2022
IMI Connect Malta 2023


Free people and free markets

Through our work, we aim to advance the cause of individual liberty, with an emphasis on freedom of movement, freedom of conscience, and economic freedom.

Independent journalism

We are not beholden to any party or interest group. Commercial considerations do not inform our editorial decisions.

Quality and integrity

We aim for the highest standards of clarity, precision, efficiency, and honesty in our reporting and business dealings. 


Though we have a small full-time staff, IMI is very much a community effort.

As a for-the-industry, by-the-industry platform, we rely on a global network of investment migration experts to stay abreast of market developments, provide data and intel, and contribute market analysis and insights.

IMI’s operations are funded primarily through the membership dues and marketing engagements of individuals and companies in the investment migration industry.

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