Permanent Residency Program

Paraguay offers one of the world’s cheapest and easiest paths to permanent residency. To qualify, an individual must merely provide documentation demonstrating good character and make a deposit of about US$4,200 in the National Bank of Paraguay. 

Upon approval, the applicant may withdraw the funds. The process typically takes 3 months from start to finish.

Following three years of permanent residency in Paraguay, applicants can qualify for naturalization as long as they speak one of the country’s two official languages and have memorized the national anthem. 


Program at a glance

Program TypeIndependent Means Visa
Time to citizenship3 years
Time to permanent residencyImmediately upon approval
Minimum investmentPYG 32 million (about US$4,600)
Physical presence requirementNone for permanent residency
Application processing time1-6 months
Citizenship grants visa-free travel to141 destinations, including Schengen countries
Contribution types availableBank deposit, Business Investment

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