L’ecuyer: “Shocked and Alarmed” at MEPs’ Misconceptions of IM Industry

The IMC’s chief executive says “there is a very big misunderstanding of what this industry is all about” but thinks the reshuffling of the European Parliament is a unique chance to set the record straight.

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L’ecuyer: The Industry Is at an Inflexion Point and Inaction Will Cost Us

Addressing industry stakeholders yesterday, Bruno L’ecuyer stressed the need for coordinated action vis-a-vis European institutions, highlighted the IMC’s new education program, and urged politicians to avoid uninformed decision-making.

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Euro-Parliament Votes to Endorse “Phasing Out” of RCBI in Europe: “Not the Right Answer,” Says IMC

The European Parliament today voted to adopt the TAX3 Committee’s February report calling for a “phasing out” of RCBI in Europe. The IMC has reacted with disappointment, calling instead on MEPs to support its work in raising industry standards.

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Portuguese MEP Ana Gomes – Europe’s Most Vocal RCBI-Critic – to Attend Investment Migration Forum

The IMC confirms that Portuguese Socialist MEP, Ana Gomes – the European Parliament’s most fervent opponent of investment migration – will attend their annual conference in Geneva this June.

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IMC Cautions MEPs Ahead of Vote: Phasing Out IM Programs Detrimental for Member State Economies

The European Parliament is about to vote on a report that urges the “phasing out” of investment migration programs. Such a decision would have severe adverse effects on Europe’s peripheral economies, says the IMC, which urges MEPs not to support the calls for the industry’s discontinuation.

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