IMC-Boss L’ecuyer on EU/OECD: “We’re Engaging the Powers That Be to Set the Record Straight”


During an interview with IMI at the Investment Immigration Summit in Hong Kong a few weeks ago, Bruno L’ecuyer, CEO of the Investment Migration Council, spoke about how the industry association is meeting the challenges brought on by increased scrutiny from supranational bodies like the EU and the OECD.

“We want to meet with the OECD and we want to set the record straight […] We are now actively engaging the powers that be and sitting down at the table with them […] There are of course many misjudgments and misconceptions about the industry,” noted the IMC chief.

L’ecuyer points out that when the OECD issued a consultation document in February to which his organization – as well as several leading companies and, indeed, the governments of certain CBI-countries – spent a considerable amount of time putting together a response. 

“It does seem like they didn’t take into consideration what we did right, which does seem a little strange in my opinion.”

Watch the interview by clicking the video above.

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