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Switzerland Follows EU to Suspend Visa-Free Entry for Vanuatu Passport Holders

On May 4th this year, the EU formally instituted a partial suspension of its visa-waiver agreement with Vanuatu over what it characterized as “serious deficiencies” in the country’s citizenship by investment programs. Ni-Vanuatu citizens whose passports were issued on or after May 25, 2015, will now need a visa to visit the Schengen area, at least until February 3rd next year. Unless the Vanuatu government can reform its procedures to the satisfaction of the European Council by then, the suspension will be extended by another 18 months, i.e. until August 2024.

The move sent shockwaves through the CBI industry and has certainly focused minds in other CBI countries that rely on Schengen access for the continued success of their programs. See also:

This week, Switzerland has followed the European Council and suspended the same post-2015 Vanuatu passport holders from its visa-waiver agreement, with the same timeline; the ban will remain in place until February, at least.

In a statement, Switzerland’s Federal Department of Justice and Police explained it had taken the decision on June 10th, with reference to the EU’s March decision.

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It now remains to be seen whether the remaining non-EU Schengen countries – Norway, Lichtenstein, and Iceland – will follow suit.

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