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CIP Turkey Takes the Term “Full-Service Provider” Literally

Managing partner of CIP Turkey, Taymour Polding, said that there is an increasing number of US citizens applying for a Turkish passport through the citizenship by investment program. 

He also highlighted the fact that many of their new clients represent the growing number of people around the world who have generated significant wealth through investments in cryptocurrency and are now using some of those profits to invest in real estate and second citizenships.

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“It is quite simple” as Taymour puts it. “Cryptocurrency provides freedom of mobility for your money, so it makes sense that people are also deciding to invest in the freedom of mobility for themselves and for their families through investment migration.”

CIP Turkey believes in providing a full scope of services for its clients and often go above and beyond to assist them in any way possible. This was evident when their most recent American client, Mr. Kyle Van Cure, had a special request. Although he and his partner, Wawa, had a wedding ceremony in her hometown in Thailand, it was not an officially recognized marriage, and it would need to be if Wawa is to qualify for Turkish citizenship under Kyle’s application.

Although it only required signatures at the local courthouse to make it official, the CIP Turkey team thought it would be fitting gesture to organize another small ceremony in Bodrum, the city the Van Cure’s have decided to settle in, to celebrate their official union and the fact that they are well on the path to becoming Turkish citizens. 

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Kyle and Wawa said that although they had only known Taymour and the rest of the CIP Turkey team up until that point, they were made to feel at home at the wedding as CIP Turkey invited a few of the big names in the Turkish crypto community, while respecting the Covid regulations, to welcome Kyle and his family to Turkey. Those names included Vidal Arditi, founder of BiLira – the Turkish Lira stable coin, Deniz Yazar, founder of – an advanced crypto trading platform, and Eren Caner from Krypto Sozluk, who broadcasts the latest crypto news to over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube. 

Aran Hawker, who is also a managing partner of CIP Turkey, said that he discovered Bodrum over 20 years ago when he decided to relocate his family from London to Turkey, and that it comes as no surprise that Bodrum is now becoming popular among the crypto community from around the world. Aran said that “these investors have the ability to work remotely, and given that fewer people are working in offices these days, can you think of a better setting to do your work than from your yacht, or perhaps on one of Bodrum’s spectacular beaches?

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