Moldova Has Granted First Citizenship by Investment, Gazetted Presidential Decree Shows

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By presidential decree, Moldova has granted the first citizenship by investment to a main applicant, according to the government’s Gazette.

The statement in the Gazette reads:

“On the basis of the art. 88 lett. c) from the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova and of the art. 17 par. (1’) and art. 27 par. (2) from the Law of the citizenship of the Republic of Moldova, The President of the Republic of Moldova decrees:

Art. 1. – The citizenship of the Republic of Moldova is granted to the foreign citizen (main applicant) under the identification data of the Dossier nr. SP/01/2018 of the applicant.

Art. 2. – This decree comes into force on the date of publication.



Nr. 1143-VIII. Chișinău, 27th of March 2019″

Moldovan sources confirm that the new citizen submitted the application in December last year and that he/she has also received a passport. An official statement about the news is expected next week but, as the new citizen reportedly wishes to remain anonymous, the announcement is unlikely to contain additional details, such as the applicant’s country of origin.

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