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CBI Real Estate Watch (NEW) Keep track of the development status of CBI-real estate projects

Program StatisticsVisit our interactive Data Center to see detailed statistics on residence citizenship by investment programs

RCBI Company Directory – Search through our comprehensive index of industry firms.

Accredited Agents List – See a complete list of accredited agents, sorted by program.

CBI-Approved Real Estate – See a list of all officially approved real estate in countries with citizenship by investment programs.

Program Comparison Tables – Compare RCBI-programs on a variety of dimensions using one of our interactive charts.

Residence and Citizenship by Investment FAQ – The most common questions raised about RCBI-programs.

Restricted Nationalities List – See which nationalities are banned from RCBI-programs.

Passport rankings – We’ve gathered all the most popular passport rankings in one place. Compare passports here.

RCBI-Event Calendar: See an overview of all major conferences, summits, and exhibitions in the investment migration industry.

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment – The Documentary Series: A five-part series exploring the citizenship by investment programs of Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Kitts & Nevis, and Saint Lucia.


Program pages contain all the essential information about the respective programs; requirements, timelines, links to official websites, statistics, accredited agents, approved developments, and more.


The Investment Migration Council – The Investment Migration Council (IMC) is the worldwide association for investor immigration and citizenship-by-investment.

Where Can I Live? – An online platform that lets you see where you have a right to reside, and how you could increase your options in the future by investing in second passports or golden visas.

Civiquo: Compare service providers on price for different RCBI-programs.

The Quality of Nationality Index: The first index of its kind to objectively rank the quality of nationalities worldwide.

The IIUSA’s EB-5 Statistics Page: The web’s most comprehensive statistical overview of the US EB-5 program.

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