Antigua CIP, EB-5 Most Offered Programs Among Investment Migration Firms, Analysis Shows

While half of the firms in our database keep the Antigua & Barbuda CIP on their shelf, only 1% offer that of Jordan. See our statistical analysis to understand which programs are the most commonly offered among the world’s investment migration companies.

Statistics from the Residence & Citizenship by Investment Company Directoryshow that, out of the more than 300 firms included in the database worldwide, 150 can provide assistance for the Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme. The A&B CIP is closely followed by those Saint Kitts & Nevis and Cyprus, at 141 companies each.

The US EB-5 program takes the lead among residence programs globally, being part of the product-portfolio of 113 service providers. For European residence programs, Portugal’s Golden Visa program – at 99 service providers, or about a third of the total – has a slight edge over its Mediterranean rival, the Malta RVP.

At the bottom of the table, the Jordan CIP and Malaysia’s MM2H are on offer with, respectively, only 0.69% and 4% of investment migration companies.

You can browse all companies and filter by programs offered, office locations, office numbers, staff numbers, and more by visiting the RCBI Directory.

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