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China’s 11 Largest Investment Migration Agencies in 2019

China is – by a wide margin – the world’s largest investment migration market. In 2017, our analysis of the global statistics of residence and citizenship by investment programs revealed that two out of every three investor migrants worldwide – in other words, tens of thousands of people – came from China.

That number has slid downward somewhat since then, and markets like India and Vietnam are growing a great deal faster, but China remains the dominant force in global residence and citizenship by investment. Perhaps no wonder, then, that out of the 41 major investment migration events remaining in 2019, 12 will take place in China.

Conservative estimates say there are more than 5,000 investment migration firms in China and more than 1,000 in the Guangdong province alone. The real number is likely considerably higher.

The following 11 firms are – to the best of our knowledge – the biggest China-based investment migration firms in terms of staff and office numbers, an imperfect but not unreasonable proxy measure for company size.

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We must interject here that we don’t know much about figures like the number of clients, revenue, profitability, or even the exact number of employees of the listed intermediaries. Not wishing to offend anybody with our shortcomings in data, we’re listing the companies by their self-reported number of offices rather than by staff, revenue, clients and so on.

Of course, as an investment migration firm, developer, or event organizer, you may wish to reach out to firms beyond the top 11 as they, more often that not, already have well-established relationships for most programs. China also has a plethora of mid-sized agencies continuously looking for local partners in the Caribbean, Europe, and North America.

To learn more about this, visit the RCBI Company Directory, where close to 100 Chinese investment migration agencies are registered, a number that’s growing each week.

Having got the disclaimers out of the way, let us introduce

China’s 11 biggest investment migration companies

Henry Group

# of staff: 1,000+

# of offices: 36

Globe Visa

# of staff: 1,000+

# of offices: 35


# of staff: 400+

# of offices: 25


# of staff: 400+

# of offices: 23


# of staff: 400+

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# of offices: 18


# of staff: 200+

# of offices: 16


# of staff: 200+

# of offices: 13

Well Trend

# of staff: 400+

# of offices: 12

EK Immigration

# of staff: 400+

# of offices: 11

Visas Consulting

# of staff: 400+

# of offices: 10


# of staff: 200+

# of offices: 9

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