TIP: Your Full-Service Provider for Turkish Property Acquisitions

As the demand for the Turkish CIP continues to grow, and the fact that qualification via property acquisitions far outweigh the other investment options, we are proud to announce the launch of our property website, geared towards the acquisition of Turkish citizenship, Turkey Investment property (TIP)/ https://turkeyinvestmentproperty.com/

The primary objective of TIP is to offer CIP investors the best property options in terms of price, location, and ROI, across the top investment regions within Turkey.

Turkey CIP: In a league of its own
Foreign investment in general housing across Turkey hit record numbers for the third consecutive year in 2019. This sets Turkey aside from the rest of the citizenship investment programs that are driven by property acquisitions. 

The fact is that Turkish property is still undervalued, thanks in large part to the tumultuous period between 2016 and 2018. This has led to a surge in demand from investors from all over the world, including European nations like the UK, Germany, and Norway; proving that the Turkish property market has a genuine appeal, rather than simply providing a mechanism with which to gain Turkish citizenship.

With over 20 years of experience gained in this sector, we can confidently say that we form the most trusted and well-established consortium of companies concerning foreign property acquisitions for the purpose of Turkish CIP.

Not only can we offer you an unrivaled service when it comes to securely acquiring your new property in a timely and efficient manner, but we can also provide a range of other services. 

Our vast network of International law firms, which specialize in international property acquisitions and immigration law, currently covers more than 50 countries.

Therefore, we can offer you the convenience of a private consultation in your country of residence, or in your region, to explain the Turkish CIP process in detail.

So before you embark on your quest for Turkish citizenship, you may do so with the comfort and knowledge that you will be able to access the full support and assistance from experienced professionals, both in your home region and here in Turkey.

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