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RIF Trust & Latitude Group Appointed Global Marketing Agent for St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme

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RIF Trust and Latitude, one of the leading international Residency and Citizenship by Investment firms, has been appointed Global Marketing Agent for St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme. This landmark announcement marks a decade of growth and success for the global company that has assisted over 4,000 clients and their families since its inception.

On the 21st of November, 2022, the Hon. Dr Ernest Hilaire, the Deputy Prime Minister of St Lucia, and Mr Mc Claude Emmanuel, the Chief Executive Officer of the Citizenship by Investment Unit of St Lucia, joined RIF Trust and Latitude’s team at their Dubai office in Business Bay to formally announce the appointment of RIF Trust and Latitude as Global Marketing Agent for the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The Hon. Dr Ernest Hilaire, commented, “This appointment is very important for St Lucia. RIF Trust and Latitude are significant players in the Residency and Citizenship by Investment industry. They are a well-established and respected partner. We are certainly delighted to announce this news to ensure we continue building our relationship with RIF Trust and Latitude as they have been very important to the success of the Citizenship by Investment Programme in St Lucia over the last few years. We are stronger moving forwards having them mentor the development of the programme. The demand for St Lucia as a brand continues to grow and we believe this partnership will assist us in our efforts to go beyond just a passport by creating opportunities for local investment and likewise more opportunities for all.”

Mr Mc Claude Emmanuel stated, “I’m excited about this new partnership with RIF Trust and Latitude as we’ve enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship for some time. The new agreement will see both sides collaborate on the planning and implementing of marketing strategies across key areas, leveraging our programme’s strong brand and RIF Trust and Latitude’s experience to make St Lucia a number 1 option.”

Mimoun Assraoui, RIF Trust’s CEO and Latitude’s Vice Chairman expressed his excitement, “We are very proud of this appointment. Our relationship with St Lucia goes back almost a decade ago and has been very successful and fruitful. We recently hosted a successful event with St Lucia in Los Angeles earlier this month to celebrate our firm being the first global RCBI firm with an office in the USA. And now, we are delighted to host them in our Dubai office for this landmark appointment and will continue to have further events around the world with St Lucia throughout next year. We also will be working closely with the Citizenship by Investment Unit in St Lucia to increase the number of applications, maintain their processing time without affecting the time needed for due diligence, and attract more direct investment into St Lucia.”

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