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Construction Update: Grenada CBI Project Hartman University Town & Resort, September 2023

Hartman University Town & Resort

It is that time of year again when we celebrate the Golden Autumn. Meanwhile, on the Caribbean island of Grenada, construction of Hartman Bay No.1 and the Green Valley Apartments is in full progress at the project site at Mount Hartman. The project is expected to become one of Grenada’s future major landmarks.

The project is currently at a critical stage of construction. Hartman Group Limited has devoted a lot of resources to the forefront of the implementation of this project’s development and has made full preparations for the quality throughout the construction.

We have successfully completed the concrete pouring of the second-floor columns. This is an important milestone for the project and demonstrates that we have an efficient management team sticking to the project schedule. During the pouring process, we adopted quality control measures to ensure the employees’ and structure’s stability and safety.

With the completion of the second-floor columns, we have started the rebar binding and column formwork for the third floor. This stage of work involves accurate measurements and template-making to ensure the accuracy and stability of the backplane.

At present, we have completed 90% of the template installation, 50% of the reinforcement, 50% of the hydropower pre-burying, and we plan to start pouring the third-floor concrete this week.

Throughout the construction process, we have placed quality control and safety at the forefront of our health and safety guidelines. Our construction team works closely to ensure that all work is done according to specifications. 

The Hartmann Group is committed to building one of the highest-quality destinations in Grenada and the entire Caribbean region in the future, with the aim of prioritizing customer interests and social interests. Hartman Bay No.1 and Green Valley Apartments’ main infrastructure are about to be completed.

For more information, contact info@hartman-edu.com