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CoinPanel: The Fully-Licensed, Regulated Crypto Payment Gateway for All RCBI Programs


We started seeing rising interest and increased media reporting on the new crypto-wealthy communities’ interest in investment migration in 2018-2019.

Since then, in 2021, El Salvador started to accept Bitcoin as legal tender and, in addition, allows Bitcoin as a method of payment for its residency program.

Other nations have tried to follow suit with their transition into an entire Bitcoin-based economy but, unfortunately, were unsuccessful. So, best of luck to El Salvador: Hang in there.

During this period, there has been an ever-growing bond between the investment migration sector and the crypto industry. One such case and point is with Grenada now accepting payment on the Tron network as the Island pushes towards full adoption of the digital asset network. 

With providers from both industries regularly crossing paths, it is no surprise that this co-mingling of businesses will only continue to increase. 

The common factors driving this convergence can be summed up with one easy word: Freedom.

But what good is financial freedom if you and your family lack freedom of movement?

That is a question we often ask friends and colleagues within the crypto community, and they are becoming increasingly aware of its relevance.

So, freedom of movement for you and your family is (or should be) one of your primary objectives. However, you will be unable to take advantage of that freedom if you cannot freely access your money when and wherever you need to. So, the two methods of ensuring your and your family’s freedom are now joined at the hip.

We have also been noticing more providers from both sectors offering various methods of crypto payment facilities for investment services, along with property purchases related to various RCBI programs. 

The problem with the new regulations being pounded out, from Washington to London to Brussels, is that they make the rules today and then could enforce them for transactions conducted prior to the passing of the laws. 

On a more crypto-positive note, markets rallied last week on the news of some of the most prominent players in global finance, such as Blackrock, Fidelity, and Citadel, announcing their entrances into the digital asset sector. After such moves, it is safe to say there is a significant shift underway in how the global economy will be both managed and operated. 

Pay for investment migration programs with digital assets

CoinPanel, a fully licensed Swedish digital asset services provider with a fundamental understanding of both the crypto and RCBI sectors, is now offering the only fully regulated crypto payment service in the Investment Migration industry, and without volume restrictions.

As authorities around the world are backtracking and combing through all illicit crypto transactions, CoinPanel stands strong and confident with our business being fully licensed and regulated in the European Union.

The idea is to inform you that we should all stay compliant. Now that CoinPanel can offer you a fully licensed and regulated digital asset payment gateway for all RCBI programs, why risk using a service you are not 100% sure about? 

It is important to note that the owner of the digital assets sent to CoinPanel must also be the recipient of the FIAT currency. It could be either a B2B client or a law firm representing a client. 

In addition, CoinPanel’s compliance team will always carry out the highest standards of practice for KYC to ensure everyone’s best interests. 

We look forward to seeing how this exciting sector evolves. And, as always, we are open to any discussions on how to provide a better and more efficient service for all. 

Contact Alex@coinpanel.com today to learn how we help investment migration companies and clients trade, store, and transact with crypto-assets.