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Ireland Has Raised North of Half a Billion Euros From (Mostly Chinese) Immigrant Investors Since 2012

Preliminary figures show 2018 is on track to become a record year for the program; Investors filed 420 applications, 379 have yet to complete processing.

Responding to questions about the Irish Immigrant Investor Program (IIIP) in Parliament this month, Minister of Justice and Equality – Charles Flanagan – revealed application data going back to 2014 that showed the Emerald Isle’s golden visa had raised well in excess of half a billion euros since opening in 2012.

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Supplementing this most recent data set with Q3 2017’s interim report on the program, we’ve been able to obtain a complete set of statistics for the program going back to its inception. The numbers tell a story of a slow start – only 25 investors applied in the program’s two first years – but, following a rapid expansion in 2016, application volumes have seen new records set each year since.

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Investors overwhelmingly hailed from China, at least in the period for which the Justice Ministry has published data – 2012-2017 – accounting for some 91% of all applicants. A very distant second, Americans made up about on in fifty program participants.

81% of would-be residents applied under the Enterprise Investment option, although that asset class accounted for 74% of approved applications, indicating a greater risk of rejection for this investment type. In a significant minority of instances, approved investors chose the Endowment (9%) and Mixed investment options (11%).

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