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Greek Golden Visa’s New Bond/Equity/Deposit Options to Start at €400k

For more than a year, Greek authorities have heralded plans to add further investment options to their Golden Visa. On Wednesday, Greece’s Minister of the Economy – Stergios Pitsiorlas – divulged further details.

A new bill, already drafted, would add the following investment choices, beyond the €250,000 real estate investment, currently the program’s only option:

  • A €400,000 investment in debt or equity with real estate investment companies.
  • A €400,000 term deposit in a Greek bank.
  • A €800,000 investment in Greek government bonds.

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Explaining the Ministry’s plans over the next two months, Pitsiorlas said the new golden visa rules would be a priority, reports AMNA.

Already Europe’s most popular such program by a wide margin, the Greek golden visa’s additional options will serve to further solidify its competitive edge. In the absence of a force majeur-type contingency, the Hellenic Republic’s golden visa will become the most popular in the world by year’s end.

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