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Who Hacked imidaily.com? Attackers Delete Several Posts, Including Passport Rankings Page

Late last night, Investment Migration Insider’s website suffered an attack by hackers who deleted several articles and pages, inserted malicious code into the configuration PHP-file, and locked the editor out of the website’s control panel.

The attack caused a service outage that lasted for several hours and also prevented the editor from accessing the website’s backend. 

Curiously, the hackers deleted only the following six posts:

Greek Golden Visa: €400k Share, Bond, REIT, Deposit, Business Investment Options Coming Soon

The Marketing Price War in China’s Domestic Investment Migration Industry, by Luc Lu

Moldova’s Market Impact: Likely to Attract “Different Type of Clientele” says Harvey

Saint Lucia Removes Visa Requirement for Chinese, Keeps it for Venezuelans

Egyptian Parliament Proposes Residence-to-Citizenship for US$ 391,000 Investment

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The Passport Index-Index – An Overview of Passport Rankings

As far as we are able to discern, none of these articles contain the type of information or statements that would motivate an attack of this kind. Astute readers will perhaps offer hypotheses of their own as to who could be behind it, but we won’t speculate in this article without evidence.

The editor has also spoken Mohammed Asaria of Range Developments, who reveals that Range’s website fell prey to a similar attack on Thursday. 

Thanks to our Karachi-based IT expert, we’re now back up and fully functioning and have beefed up our security. If anyone knows any competent hacker-trackers, we’d be happy to hear from you.

In the meantime, we will keep publishing reliable information for investment migration professionals, reporting on both the good news and the mischief. We get knocked down, but we get up again. We have backups of everything, so if you delete our articles, we’ll just repost. If you shut down our entire website and domain, we’ll start imidaily2.com. And if we find out who you are, the editor will personally inflict a disproportionate vengeance. 

In the future, should any of our readers feel disgruntled by our coverage, there’s no need to take such drastic measures as hacking our servers; a strongly worded email will do just fine.



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