Ten On The Weekend

Worked With the “Crème de la Crème of Russian Investors”: 10 On The Weekend With Kemal Nicholson

10 On The Weekend is a weekly (-ish) feature in IMI, the concept of which is simple: Each time, we ask the same ten questions of a different IMI Pro, letting readers get to know the interviewee on a more personal and informal level than they might during the ordinary course of business.

Our guest this week is Kemal Nicholson, CEO of Cinvest Migration.

How do you spend your weekends?

The weekend is family time. I have a hectic weekly schedule, so when the weekend comes around, it is essential I make time to be with my family and create memories that we will cherish.

What are your top three business goals this year?

  • We have a specific target in place regarding the number of clients we want to reach by the year’s end. 
  • We also want to expand the number of markets that we work in.
  • My third goal is to continue growing the brand and positioning of Cinvest as a top-tier consultancy.

What’s your biggest business concern right now?

My biggest business concern is the continuous contraction of the RCBI market. Certain reliable outbound markets, for example, Russia, are now off limits, significantly impacting our business’ trajectory. We have shifted our strategies to align with the new developments and are looking at other markets much quicker and keener than before. 

Which book is on your nightstand right now?

Atomic Habits by James Clear. 

How and when did you first get into the investment migration industry?

I studied political science in Russia and got my first taste of the industry there. 

I started working with the crème de la crème of Russian investors, assisting them in obtaining Caribbean citizenship, and I haven’t looked back since. 

What was your proudest moment as a service provider?

My proudest moment was when I handed my first client his new passport. It is a feeling that every successful person in this industry knows.

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I can still remember it, a mix of excitement, satisfaction, achievement, and aspiration. My first investor remains my friend to this day, and I think it is a moment that will be difficult to top. 

Which investment migration market development has surprised you the most in the last year?

It has to be Africa. It isn’t fair to lump all the massive, complex, and diverse markets in the continent together, but looking at the overall African outbound market a few years back and comparing it to where it is today is astonishing.

It remains a high-potential market but, in the last year, it has shown that it can deliver on that. Demand for RCBI is picking up quickly after a few slow years when companies started venturing into it.

If you could go ten years back in time, what business decision would you change?

I’d say I would have set more complex criteria for choosing partners or would have decided to work alone. This industry is a large one, but it is also highly intricate and delicate. Choosing the right partner is crucial because, in RCBI, partnerships are like forming a family; it is a long-term commitment that needs everyone to pitch in for it to work.

Every step needs proper planning and consideration, and choosing the wrong partner can derail all the good work you’ve done. 

What investment migration industry personality do you most admire?

I would have to say it is between Christian Kälin and Mohammed Asaria. Both are titans of the industry, but I will have to give the crown to Asaria.

Asaria has played a massive role during the past decade in shaping the industry into the modern RCBI model we see today, and without him, it would look quite different, so I tip my hat to him. 

If all goes according to plan, what will you be doing five years from now?

Cinvest Migration will be one of the biggest firms in the industry and will have expanded into construction alongside RCBI. I have a detailed plan for the near and distant future, but I see myself heading that expansion for the next five years. 

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