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“I Faced Difficulties Solely Because of My Passport”: 10 on the Weekend – Vrinda Gupta

Ten On The Weekend is a semi-weekly feature in IMI, the concept of which is simple: Each time, we ask the same ten questions of a different industry figure, letting readers get to know the interviewee on a more personal and informal level than they might in an ordinary business setting.

Our guest this weekend is Vrinda Gupta of Vazir Group.

How do you spend your weekends?

I like to spend my weekends with my family and friends and take some time off to relax. I even love to go for hikes whenever I get the chance. I think it is essential to find some time in our busy schedules to do things that help you to rejuvenate. 

What are your top three business goals this year?

Although the global context is not encouraging us to make great plans, I can proudly say that one of 2021’s goals was to expand Vazir Group in India and we can proudly say that we just opened a branch in Chandigarh following our expansion in Delhi.

The other goals involve serving a great number of clients and helping them achieve their immigration dream. Lastly, we would love to host immigration events across the world so that we are able to inform more and more people about the advantages of immigration and dual nationality. 

What’s your biggest business concern right now?

Due to the global pandemic, we face slow processing times from governments, which has caused a lot of delays in the approval of some of our clients’ applications and, of course, this is a concern for us. 

Adding to this, the shutting of borders in many countries has increased the obstacles for us and our clients. 

Which book is on your night-stand right now?

In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.

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How and when did you first get into the investment migration industry?

When as an international student I faced difficulties in getting employment solely because of my passport, I realized the value of dual nationality. I saw the same trend in many parts of the world. I realized the kind of opportunities lost due to having only one nationality. Moreover, the need to inform people about the same and of the options they have.

Thereafter I did some research and realized the growth potential of this market and decided to start my venture and expand my family business. 

What was your proudest moment as a service provider?

Every successful immigration case is a proud moment in itself. Every immigration journey is a life-changing experience for our clients and our being part of it makes it very rewarding. At Vazir Group, we believe in helping the client from the moment he steps into our office until he reaches his destination goal in any and every way we can. 

Which investment migration market development has surprised you the most in the last year?

No doubt the unfortunate cancelation of the Cypriot Citizenship by Investment Program has surprised all of us.

However, the increase in demand for immigration seen across the world and vice versa, the governments accepting an increasing number of immigrants around the world, has been a pleasant surprise for all of us in the industry.

If you could go 10 years back in time, what business decision would you change?

I am afraid I am too young to reply to this question. If we repeat this interview in 15 years, I might have an answer, although if I could go back 10 years in time I would like to choose the right modules and education degrees that would help me be more informed about the industry. 

What investment migration industry personality do you most admire?

I really admire Mr. Marco Mendicino, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship in Canada. This is because of his liberal take on immigration and how he wants to welcome more and more immigrants from all around the world. He sees the necessity for economic growth of a country by attracting foreign talent, skills, and expertise and is taking the right measures to make the process of immigration as easy, open, and hassle-free as possible. 

If all goes according to plan, what will you be doing five years from now?

I hope to be successfully leading Vazir Group and continuing our expansion everywhere in the world so as to help as many people as possible to start their immigration journey. I would also like to increase the level of knowledge and make more and more people across the world informed about the immigration options they have and how they can advantage of them.