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Türkiye CIP: How Price Hike Impacted Demand and Why The Program May Not Survive the Election

Demand for Turkish CBI still robust, but program’s future isn’t guaranteed. “We may not have a program by this time next year,” says Polding.

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Grenada CIP Sets All-Time Application Record in Q3: 2021 Volume Already Equals Last Year’s Total

Grenada’s isn’t the only Caribbean CIP smashing records during the pandemic but is the only one that’s seen five consecutive years of growth.

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UK Court of Appeal Overturns Tier 1 IV Ruling: Investment-Loan Structure Was Legal

In a ruling of some consequence, the UK Court of Appeal has overturned an Upper Tribunal decision that said the Maxwell/Eclectic structure was a rule-violation.

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Indian Supreme Court Prohibits Practice Of Law By Foreign Firms In India

“Consultants in India who are not licensed and who give legal advice regarding foreign immigration laws, are in violation of the Advocates Act of India.”

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