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IMI is Much More Than News: 26 IMI Tools, Resources, and Services You May Not Know About

Most people know IMI for its daily coverage of investment migration news. But in the five years since we opened, we’ve also produced and provided a wide range of tools, resources, and services for investment migration professionals and their clients.

Our regular readers are already avid users of some of these, like the IMI Data Center, the IMI Program Pages, and IMI Real Estate.

Other tools, however, were introduced in the early days of IMI and, because our audience has quadrupled since early 2019, many of you who are new to the IMI community are not familiar with them. On many past occasions, we’ve launched a new feature once, only to let it languish in the archives, where new readers would be unlikely to come upon it.

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To make it easier for you to avail yourselves of all of what IMI has to offer, we’ve now given all these tools and resources a permanent home on the new IMI Tools and Resources page, henceforth easily accessible via the ‘Resources’ button in the main menu.

The page lists 26 tools, resources, and services in the following categories:

Even long-time, regular readers are likely to find some tools they didn’t know about.

Visit the IMI Tools and Resources page