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Why Boutique Firms Are An Investor Migrant’s Best Option

DZ Advisory

Investment migration is a complex matter that requires a lot of planning, careful consideration, and precise budgeting. The sheer number of investment migration consultancy firms worldwide adds to that confusion, and investors are left to ponder which firm they should work with and why.

This issue is especially evident when the investment migration program is one of the more evolved programs, such as Malta’s Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services (CDI) or its Permanent Residency Program (MPRP).

A large number of investment migration consultancies offer the CDI and MPRP as part of their global mobility solution suite, but choosing one based solely on their size or number of offices may be a mistake, and we will highlight why working with a local, specialised boutique firm is the optimal option for investors.

In-depth knowledge

The main factor that local firms have over their continental counterparts is the level of knowledge and expertise in a particular program.

At DZ Advisory, for instance, we specialise in Maltese investment migration, and it is our main focus. We commit all our staff and resources to the programs of one singular destination, which has helped us become the leading experts in the CDI and MPRP.

As DZ Advisory is a local firm with Maltese citizens at the helm, we also understand Malta’s immigration framework, governmental procedures, tax regulations, and microeconomic issues much better than someone based a few thousand miles away.

This intimate knowledge of the country and its investment migration programs allows us to provide a higher level of service that encompasses all relevant matters to any investor.

When talking to a CDI or MPRP consultant in a foreign country, the level of knowledge they may have regarding the programs will not be as comprehensive as that of local experts.  Furthermore, they may not be up to date with developments, updates and changes to the programs.  

Better network

At DZ Advisory, we have carefully hand-selected our partners to cater to our clients within the scope of the CDI and MPRP.

As we are locals, we established a network of the best available professionals that help us tend to every detail of a client’s needs.

We know how our local partners work within our economic environment, and we have seen their results many times over to ensure that they maintain the same level of expertise and quality that we provide our clients.

Through our network, we cover other areas beyond the citizenship and residency programs, such as tax advisory, real estate solutions, business establishment, and more. This method has helped us create a full service for our clients.

Our objective with every client doesn’t stop with assisting them in obtaining their Maltese citizenship or residency; it goes above and beyond to ensure that once they do get it, they use it in a way that maximises the benefits thereof.

Tailor-made experience with a better service level

A boutique firm’s business model vastly differs from that of a large corporation. Boutique firms are more flexible and focus on the level of service, prioritizing quality over quantity, as they get fewer clients overall and need to create better, long-lasting relationships with them to ensure their business continues to thrive.

Larger corporations are more focused on efficiency and larger quantities of clients, as they have higher overhead costs and must maintain a constant influx of clients to maintain their business.

This dichotomy results in a very different experience from the investor’s perspective.

Boutique firms have a more flexible approach, as they have the time and resources to take a greater interest in each client’s case. Communication is typically more accessible because clients can contact the subject expert directly and not have to go through the entire corporate hierarchy to reach their desired person.

At DZ Advisory, we pride ourselves on being able to provide each of our clients with a tailor-made solution that matches their objectives, needs, budget, and taste. Our approach allows us to create meaningful relationships with our clients that remain in effect instead of the whole matter being a one-time thing.

DZ’s focus on Malta, our vast network of experts, and our approach of being efficient and professional, allows us to customize bespoke services to our clients. We have extensive experience dealing with global investors, and they continue to come to us because they are hard pressed to find bespoke solutions with the same quality elsewhere.

To know more about DZ Advisory’s services and the Maltese CDI and MPRP programs, get in touch with us via our website or call us directly on +356 2144 0099