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Vanuatu Launches Investment-Linked “CIIP-CNO Future Fund” Citizenship Program


Daniel Agius, architect and government-designated agent for the CIIP-CNO Future Fund, explains more about its benefits and Vanuatu’s enduring appeal as an option for second citizenship. 

First announced in October 2023, Vanuatu’s first investment-linked Citizenship Program, which can claim to be truly “sustainable,” has now moved to mainstream distribution in the international CBI marketplace.

Through a heightened investment focus in the coconut (CNO) biofuel sector, Vanuatu is aiming to provide a pathway for international investors to obtain Citizenship in Vanuatu in return for an investment in the country’s circular economy, which will support the country’s ambitious 2030 carbon net zero goals.    

An Overview Of The CNO Future Fund Program

The government legislates the Program under the preexisting framework of Vanuatu’s “Capital Investment Immigration Plan” (CIIP) and markets it as the “CIIP-CNO Future Fund.” 

What makes this Program different is that it is part-citizenship (US$115,000) and part-investment (US$50,000) – with the investment portion going into the CNO Future Fund as guaranteed capital to finance the development of the important coconut oil sector in Vanuatu.

As the US$115,000 all-inclusive citizenship fee covers up to four family members on one application, the “CIIP-CNO Future Fund” program offers a circa 60-day application process leading to citizenship and a passport in a tax-free country which remains a peaceful “Pacific Paradise.”   

Investors can redeem the mandatory US$50,000 investment into the Vanuatu “CNO Future Fund” in full after five years, with additional accrued returns on investment (projected at 4-5% per annum) added to the final repayment.

With an initial target of just 120 applicants a year (already significantly subscribed), the CNO Future Fund is a niche offering to those seeking value for money, an investment component, and a streamlined application process.

Aligning Citizenship By Investment With Sustainable Growth

Vanuatu has unveiled one of the world’s most ambitious climate adaptation policies. It commits to achieving 100% renewable energy in electricity generation by 2030 and has ambitious targets for addressing loss and damage caused by climate change.

Announcing a fund that generates finance for direct investment into renewable energy underscores Vanuatu’s determination to make a further significant impact on the global stage in the realm of climate action. 

This innovative initiative marks the beginning of Vanuatu’s journey to drive climate financing to support its 2030 Net Zero Goals through leveraging the country’s already successful citizenship by investment program.

With strategic investments, the CNO Future Fund intends to boost CNO production to fulfill the 17M liters annual domestic fuel supply contract, which is crucial to supplant the fossil fuels currently in use, particularly for electricity generation. 

Doubling the current CNO production in its initial phase will aid in meeting the substantial demand for domestic biofuel. 

The Vanuatu Government has recognized the importance of the CIIP-CNO Future Fund program in evolving the country’s citizenship program, attracting genuine investors, creating jobs, and stimulating the local economy.  

Vanuatu’s Ministers of Finance and Climate Change have been particularly vocal supporters of the Program, understanding that its concept, structure, and management establish the “gold standard” for designing and operating an investment-linked citizenship option for Vanuatu.

Why Vanuatu?

At just under three hours’ flight from Australia, Vanuatu comprises 80+ islands and has English and French as official languages. Vanuatu has a regular presence in the “Happy Planet Index” (HPI) as one of the happiest countries in the world.

As one of the 56 countries comprising the Commonwealth of Nations, headed by HM King Charles III, Vanuatu citizens enjoy visa-free or visa-upon-arrival to over 100+ countries throughout Asia, the Americas, Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, and the Caribbean. 

A long-term visa to Australia is also available via an e-visa application process.

The country boasts no guns, no drug culture, little crime, and a committed global policy of political non-alignment. Its citizenship offers peace of mind to the holder of the emerald green passport.

In an increasingly unstable world, Vanuatu stands as a beacon of peace and stability. Its citizenship program offers all the benefits of full citizenship without the requirement to reside in or even visit the country.

Benefits of a Vanuatu Second Citizenship

The main reasons applicants seek Vanuatu Citizenship are freedom of travel, personal security, future proofing against changing global political and security situations, and financial planning and asset protection.

Although the EU Schengen Area and the UK have temporarily removed Vanuatu’s visa-free privilege, this has not stopped the Program from attracting considerable numbers of applications—a testament to the country’s enduring popularity as an option for second citizenship.

Those who successfully gain Vanuatu Citizenship do not need to visit or spend time there. However, they are encouraged to do so to get to know their new home, enjoy the natural beauty, and explore opportunities for business and investment.

Vanuatu’s lifestyle is comparable to – or exceeds – the quality of life in other tropical destinations favored by those seeking a relaxed Island home base. 

With international schools, banks, and high-speed internet, Vanuatu is increasingly the location of choice for those seeking to operate a global business from a tax-free location.

Those who do not plan to relocate to Vanuatu can establish residency in their existing location as a Vanuatu passport holder – whether that be Thailand, the UAE, or other popular expatriate hubs.   

A key consideration here is that Vanuatu does not require its Citizens to relinquish their original citizenship, so becoming a “dual national” with a residency permit on their Vanuatu Passport is the result. 

Examples of situations where Vanuatu nationality is helpful are anonymity or nationality quota when enrolling children in educational establishments, for personal security when traveling, or for the legitimate establishment of companies and bank accounts to protect assets and wealth.

Holders of a second citizenship, such as Vanuatu, are generally high-net-worth individuals familiar with the luxury sector’s lifestyle choices and can afford the status and benefits that citizenship by investment confers on them.

Obtaining Vanuatu Citizenship 

Investors can obtain Vanuatu Citizenship through a seamless application and are subject to a strict due diligence process to protect the country from admitting undesirable candidates as citizens. 

However, since the application is online and government-appointed agents guide it, the process is smooth and does not require a lot of paperwork.

About Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau (VIMB)

Operating internationally since 2017, the Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau (VIMB) has earned a prominent position among professional service providers in Vanuatu. 

Headquartered in Vanuatu with additional offices and hubs in Singapore, Phuket, Dubai, and London, the VIMB is a government-designated agent for Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment program, contributing significantly to the country’s ongoing development.

VIMB is also the sole Government-Appointed Agent for the global rollout of the Coconut Oil Fund-linked citizenship program, the CIIP-CNO Future Fund.

Concluding Remarks

With Vanuatu’s various citizenship programs sometimes subject to market misinformation regarding fee structure, application process, and program integrity, the CIIP-CNO Future Fund establishes a single, “end-to-end” program management.

As the first purpose-designed sustainable CIP in the world, the Program blends perfectly the attributes of Vanuatu as an attractive option for second citizenship with a compelling investment opportunity in Vanuatu’s ambitious goals to be a sustainable hub and role model for the entire Pacific region.

As investors can include their spouses and children, the investment is suitable as an option to secure a family’s future with citizenship of an ecologically pristine, crime-free, and peaceful haven. 

Vanuatu citizenship is for life, and investors can pass it on to future generations. There is no minimum residency or language requirement, and as the only citizenship program operating in the Asia Pacific region, Vanuatu remains a CBI destination with multiple advantages.

Learn more at https://vimb.vu/links.