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Realord Hartman Dubai Office Officially Inaugurated and 2023 Global Promotion

Realord Hartman Group

As Dubai is located at the intersection of three continents, Asia, Europe, and Africa, it is one of the world’s important trade and financial centers. It has great strategic deployment advantages, efficient business environment and unique tax policies, attracting many multinational companies and investors. It is also an important location for enterprises in the field of investment migration.

As a part of its global expansion, Realord Group has officially established an office in Dubai and held an opening ceremony in April 2023. This establishment not only represents Realord Group’s commitment to accelerating its presence internationally, but also shows Its full trust and support for the UAE and surrounding regional partners.

Realord Group Holdings Limited (HK Stock Code:1196)is an enterprise group listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, mainly engaged in financial services, property investment, sales of auto parts, environmental protection business and department stores. The group is a constituent stock of the Hong Kong Hang Seng Composite Index, MSCI Hong Kong Small Cap Index and CSI Index.

On the day of the ceremony, Ms. Heidi Wang, Group Head of Public Relations of Realord Hartman, Mr. Giulio Cinisi, Global Channel Director of Realord Hartman, as well as the local team and the guests, gathered together to witness this moment.

The establishment of Realord Group’s Dubai office represents a significant stride towards the company’s internationalization goals. Moving forward, headquartered in Hong Kong, aims to foster globalization with a more open mindset, proactively explore and penetrate new international markets, delivering top-notch solutions to a even broader customer base.

Meanwhile, Ms. Heidi Wang and Mr. Giulio Cinisi also carried out visits to channel partners in the Middle East with the local team in Dubai, receiving warm welcomes from partners of various countries and reaching consensus on cooperations. Subsequently, the local team of Realord Hartman will conduct in-depth training and follow-up, and will also provide professional and comprehensive services to each customer in the future.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment offers numerous unique advantages and stands as a “shining pearl” in the field of CBI. After rigorous screening and selection of trustworthy and advantageous developers, various channels actively promote Grenada projects to provide better experiences for customers. Realord Hartman Group spares no effort in optimizing products, truly achieving competitive pricing, fast processing, and excellent service!

As an important tourist and vacation paradise in the Latin American region, Grenada attracts visitors year-round from North America, South America, and Europe, earning its reputation as the “back garden of North America”. In the future, Realord Hartman University Town and Resort will also introduce major brands to collaborate in creating a world-class integrated complex.

The two-week visit to Dubai concluded successfully, with exploring deeper cooperation in current channels and establishing partnerships with new channels. Taking Grenada Citizenship by Investment project as the starting point and leveraging the product advantages of Hartman University Town and Resort, Realord Group strides forward to expand and serve the global market!

About Giulio:

Mr. Giulio Cinisi, the Global Channel Director of Realord Hartman Group, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. With a successful track record in executive hospitality management, real estate developments, and investment migration spanning over two decades, he has established himself as a respected professional in the field. Employed by Fortune Global 500 companies across multiple continents, Mr. Cinisi possesses a deep understanding of global markets and trends. Clients hold Mr. Cinisi in high regard for his exceptional market insights and unparalleled on-field expertise. His ability to provide accurate assessments and strategic guidance has made him an invaluable asset. Moreover, Mr. Cinisi’s contributions to the growth and innovation of the investment migration industry have been instrumental in driving positive change.

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