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Portugal Golden Visa Fund Investment Has Grown by 121% a Year Since 2019: In 2024, It Will Break All Records

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Portugal’s Golden Visa is set for another outstanding year following a 2023 that delivered impressive application numbers even if it was ripe with uncertainty regarding the program’s future. 

As the dust settles, we are left with a clear, new structure for the Golden Visa, one that will continue to deliver immense benefits to investors and Portugal alike. 

While other Golden Visas prepare for their years of turmoil, Portugal’s program is primed to register strong numbers and continue courting demand from every corner of the globe.

Funds driving investment-centric applications

The Portuguese Government’s decision to scrap the real estate option leaves investors with one clear favorable category – investment funds.

But funds are not the best option by default. On the contrary, as awareness regarding the benefits of fund investments grew during the past half-decade, so did the number of applicants under this category.

“The investment fund category was gaining steam long before the government decided to abolish real estate investments,” explains Pedro Lino, CEO of Optimize Investment Partners. Lino highlights that the fund option was garnering “significant interest, especially from the US citizens whose application numbers grew exponentially after the pandemic.”

Lino emphasized that the fund category was rapidly catching up to the real estate investment options and that “Golden Visa applications based on investment funds made up nearly a third of all applications in 2023, continuing the trend of considerable growth during the past five years.”

The fund option registered a compound average growth rate (CAGR) of 121% between 2019 and 2023. It was only a matter of time before it would rival or overtake the real estate option.

This growth is no surprise. Investors are now much more aware of the benefits of investing in funds, such as:

  • Better ROI: Funds can provide greater returns for investors. Instead of relying on a 3-5% rental ROI, which will decrease due to taxes and property management fees, investors can increase their profit by choosing funds with higher yields. Optimize’s Golden Opportunity Fund, for example, registered annual returns of about 17% in 2023.
  • Hands-off approach: Funds provide investors with a completely passive investment opportunity. A fund management company completely handles them. Investors need to make sure they choose a strong fund manager, though. 
  • Simple liquidation: Funds offer investors a simple exit strategy, as investors just recoup their investment in cash after a holding period. Under Optimize’s Golden Opportunity Fund, investors can withdraw their investment at any moment, simplifying quick liquidation without any restriction or extra fee. 
  • Flexibility & resilience: Properly managed funds can withstand economic turmoil and adapt to any new changes. Funds have more flexibility to rearrange their investments to ensure their continued profitability, an important aspect that few other investment options possess. 

Pedro Oliveira, Head of Compliance at Optimize, clarifies that funds are becoming more popular because “investors quickly realize that [funds] provide a safe venture that can be quite profitable.” He explains that “investors can choose the level of risk-to-profit they are comfortable with, and well-structured funds, such as the Golden Opportunities Fund, provide investors with a robust diversification asset that can withstand global economic turbulence and continue to provide strong profit margins.”

Portugal’s new-found consistency amidst EU Golden Visa chaos

Portugal’s Golden Visa weathered the storm in 2023 and now emerges as a beacon of consistency within a chaotic EU investment migration landscape.

Malta’s courtroom showdown with the EU is still on the cards, and no one knows what to expect. Greece’s Golden Visa is about to undergo a second considerable price hike in as many years, while calls for the Spanish government to abolish the Golden Visa, or at least raise its minimum threshold to €1 million persist.

Among all that turmoil, Portugal’s Golden Visa stands as the most stable option among its EU competitors, and things are about to improve.

Portugal’s Parliament recently approved essential changes to its naturalization law that will count waiting times for Golden Visa initial and renewal applications toward the five-year naturalization requirement. The law will still need approval from the President’s office before it will come into action, but experts in the field expect it to be approved soon. 

This new law will “streamline the naturalization process under the Golden Visa,” according to Nuno Santos, an executive board member at Optimize. Santos explains that the “simplified route to citizenship with minimal physical residency has long been a major attraction of the Portuguese Golden Visa, and that benefit will become better.”

The Portugal Golden Visa offers one of the most straightforward routes to EU citizenship, an outstanding array of exciting investment ventures, and a streamlined process through a new, more resourceful governing body in the AIMA.

Expect 2024 to be one of the best years for the Portuguese Golden Visa since its introduction a decade ago.

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