Latitude Launches Innovative “Country Access Tool”


May 5th, 2020

Latitude is proud to announce the launch of a unique and practical tool for the Investment Migration Industry: The Country Access Tool (CAT).

Many firms release “indexes” or “visa-free lists” for the programmes they promote, which simply provide a tally of the visa-free countries that their passport provides. There simply was no quick way to determine the unique visa-free countries that citizenship A has over citizenship B, and vice-versa. That was until now…

The CAT is a revolutionary new tool for the industry, and it is strikingly simple to use. Visit to see for yourself.

A first for the industry, the CAT allows investment migration advisors to quickly compare which visa-free countries one citizenship offers over another. This distinction will help advisors and their clients decide which CBI programme is best suited for their needs as well as the quality of the visa-free access as opposed to just the quantity of countries.

When using the CAT, you can select and compare any two programmes. For example, if you select Antigua & Barbuda for Programme 1 and Grenada for Programme 2, you will promptly see the total number of visa-free countries and, more importantly, the unique ones that each citizenship provides.

Thanks to the CAT, you can effortlessly inform your client that Antigua & Barbuda provides visa-free travel to 151 countries including 14 unique ones over Grenada, such as South Africa and Ukraine, which Grenada does not. Conversely, Grenada has 143 visa-free countries, including 6 unique ones over Antigua & Barbuda such as China, Argentina and Uruguay which may be an important consideration for the client.

This detailed analysis of the differences in access can allow the client to determine whether the price difference between two programmes is worth paying. The more information we provide to our clients, the higher their comfort will be with the programme they select.

Are you looking to expand your programme offerings or change your delivery channel to increase your service level? At Latitude, we continue to expand our B2B partnerships through our high-level of service, unique tools (with many more on the way), and extremely competitive referral rates. Contact us today to learn how you can become part of the Latitude World.

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