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Job Opening: CEO of the Anguilla Investment Migration Agency


The government of Anguilla announced the launch of a new Investment Migration Agency with the objective of attracting direct foreign investment into Anguilla and broadening the tax revenue base of the country through the granting of residency status to foreign individuals who wish to relocate and reside in Anguilla and who are prepared to make a significant investment and/or economic contribution through one of its newly created high-value residency programmes.

The Government is inviting candidates who have the following attributes to submit their interest for the following available roles:

  • CEO and Head of the Agency
  • Operations Manager of the Agency

HEAD OF AGENCY – Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Act as ambassador and trusted advisor to key internal and external stakeholders with the aim of building relationships that support the operational integrity of the Agency

  • Assist the Government in setting up the Agency, including providing the Government with workflows detailing the proposed work, action plans with specific timelines for implementation, and formal policies and procedures to be introduced and maintained by the Agency

  • Assist the Government in developing a country brand to raise awareness of Anguilla internationally and to generally promote inward investment into the country through the Agency

  • Assist the Government in implementing a detailed system for screening and processing residency applications for Anguilla, including all due diligence steps and procedures, and establishing the broad procedures in terms of the activity by the Agency in reviewing, approving or rejecting applications 

  • Assist in drafting the application forms, application guidelines and information material, including the content of the Agency’s website

  • Administering and reconciling the bank account for all funds received and disbursed by the Agency, which includes a financial vetting process of funds prior to receipt (i.e. source of funds checks)

  • Handling and coordinating the initial launch of the Agency and its programmes internationally

  • Assist the Government in introducing fractional interest real estate legislation relating to the Programmes

  • Collate, analyse and deliver management information to the Government that will underline the activity undertaken by the Agency

  • Oversee daily operational activities, ensuring efficiency and financial management and control

  • Other support tasks that are reasonably requested from time to time on an ad hoc basis by the Government that are necessary for the delivery of the Services.

Experience and Attributes Required:

  • Ambassadorial qualities with a clear focus on integrity and professionalism

  • University level degree, with records of achievement within a professional environment and a commitment to continuous personal development

  • A detailed understanding of the regulatory framework, Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism legislation and guidelines, demonstrating practical application within an organisation at a senior level

  • Previous leadership experience within a high-performing team where vision and values are integral and an ambassadorial approach is evident

  • Enhanced communication skills with an ability to positively influence

  • Management skills to motivate and manage people effectively to deliver a quality service at pace

  • Demonstration of an analytical approach to decision making 

  • Previous working knowledge and exposure to the Investment Migration industry

Contact: info@latitudeworld.com


Operations Manager

Job Description:

  • Manage a team of specialist and due diligence officers that will:

  • Review application documentation and information upon initial receipt and ensure the accurate recording of information to a database
  • Undertake diligent processing of applications on a timely basis and within the published service level agreement standards
  • Complete online investigatory work to assess the applicant and the information submitted in the application forms
  • Undertake verifications and analysis of information to establish an applicant’s source of wealth and source of funds
  • Manage the database records to ensure applications reach conclusion aligned to the agreed process pathway

  • Support the Head of the Agency to enable the ability to react to questions and queries at short notice and to take a leadership role within the team acting as a deputy to Head of the Agency when required

  • Provide financial control support for the Agency, including

  • Undertake the daily reconciliation of bank accounts and handle to preparation and release of electronic payments

  • Prepare timely management information in order to meet the needs of key stakeholders

  • Own and maintain policy and procedures in relation to all aspects of financial control

Experience and Attributes Required:

  • High standards of quality and quantity of work within a managerial role

  • A clear understanding of the regulatory framework in which the Agency will operate with specific regard to Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism and Data Protection regulations, with previous experience in this area

  • Enhance computer literacy skills specifically in relation to the Microsoft Office products

  • An analytical approach and application of defined policies and procedures

  • Self-confident and assertive, with effective communication skills that will enhance the reputation and external perception of the Agency

  • A highly motivated individual who is able to work at pace with energy and enthusiasm and can demonstrate a commitment to their own personal development as well as mentoring others

  • An ability to demonstrate tenacity and resilience when working under pressure

  • Confident and effective communication skills that will enhance the reputation of the Agency with key internal/external stakeholders

Contact: info@latitudeworld.com

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