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Invest in Italy Announces Partnership With ForeverGood Hotels

Invest in Italy

Invest in Italy and ForeverGood Hotels have signed a partnership agreement to present an unparalleled opportunity via Italy’s pioneering La Dolce Visa for those seeking the ultimate luxury lifestyle in one of the world’s most coveted destinations.

ForeverGood Hotels redefines sustainable opulence in hospitality, curating a collection of distinctive boutique hotels and resorts across Italy’s most breathtaking locales—from Roman palazzos to Puglian masserias to the Italian Riviera. 

The Sustainable Luxury of ForeverGood Hotels

The brand celebrates locality and la dolce vita through authentic, locally inspired guest experiences that connect travelers to each destination’s essence. Its ethos nurtures environmental sustainability, wellness, and culinary ingenuity using seasonal, regionally sourced ingredients.

Through a strategic partnership, Invest in Italy provides exclusive access to ForeverGood Hotel’s regulated real estate fund structure; eligible investors can participate in this innovative hospitality brand while obtaining Italian residency. 

By gaining La Dolce Visa through investing €500,000 into ForeverGood’s portfolio, investors and their families gain unlimited access to Italy, the ability to conduct business within the European Union, free movement across the Schengen zone, and a pathway to citizenship after ten years of consistent residency.

The process is seamless: Invest in Italy guides investors from initial approvals through finalized investments and residency permit filings—all within three to four months. 

This expedience trumps substantial backlogs afflicting other EU golden visa programs, which can stretch over half a decade. Italy’s unique process requires investment only after receiving approval, mitigating risk compared to scenarios where investments precede visa decisions.

Beyond residency privileges and first-class returns, ForeverGood Hotels investors gain exclusive access to the elite “Glass House Club” lifestyle membership. Amenities include complimentary airport transfers, spa treatments, accommodation and dining discounts, yacht charters, and more. 

Among ForeverGood’s flagship developments is The Glass House, a ninety-room Murano Island luxury hotel designed by visionary architects and hospitality experts. 

Private jetties, multiple dining concepts, an outdoor pool, a full-service spa, and ultra-premium amenities distinguish this refined Venetian escape. Over ninety percent of tourists surveyed intend to return to the fabled canal city.

With an expansive pipeline across Italy’s premier destinations like Rome, Florence, and the Italian Riviera, the ForeverGood portfolio presents an unrivaled hospitality investment conduit. 

Just under 50 million tourists flocked to Italy in 2023, marking the second-highest annual growth rate (+44%) in the country’s history. Experts expect the hospitality market to grow at a Compound Average Growth Rate (CAGR) of 0.63% between 2024-2028.

Italy sits fifth worldwide in terms of tourist visits. This outstanding ranking gives hospitality investments another dimension in terms of profitability and security, making ForeverGood Hotels the optimal residency by investment venture in Europe. 

Why Italy’s La Dolce Visa Reigns Supreme

In today’s competitive residence-by-investment landscape, Italy’s La Dolce Visa stands apart through its flexibility, simplicity, and low-risk process – hallmarks of the consultative approach Invest in Italy brings to all client engagements.

Italy’s program allows investors to participate in qualifying asset classes beyond real estate. Clients can invest in everything from hospitality funds and commercial properties to startups and public works projects while avoiding direct property ownership constraints through the company investment route.

These diversified investment options yield more substantial returns than typical rental income scenarios for real estate-based golden visas. The ForeverGood fund generates projected net rental yields of 3.7%—nearly four times the 0.92% average for Spain’s golden visa properties and eight times greater than the 0.48% yields for Greek golden visa real estate.

Alternative EU programs have to deal with inflexible requirements and higher costs. Additional fees for services like notaries and legal facilitation fees can inflate the actual investment threshold 10-15% above stated minimums for real estate options. Italy’s simple €500,000 investment requires no additive outlays.

Another crucial issue is stability. Greece’s golden visa struggles with the second price hike in as many years, and Portugal’s program will operate on an entirely new framework that has created enough chaos for investors and facilitators alike.

Recent news from Spain highlights that the government plans to scrap the golden visa program altogether. Italy’s La Dolce Visa has the advantage of a proper vision and solid framework, giving it the stability investors crave. 

Invest for Access: The Benefits of the La Dolce Visa

  • Unlimited access to live, work, and conduct business across Italy and the European Union
  • Freedom of movement across the entire 26-nation Schengen zone
  • A clear pathway to Italian citizenship after ten years of consistent residency
  • No requirement for physical presence in Italy after obtaining residency

From end to end, Italy’s La Dolce Visa represents the pinnacle of residence-by-investment offerings across Europe. Italy possesses unmatched brand equity as a destination for the finer things in life.

Art, culture, cuisine, fashion, luxury – Italy is the aspirational ideal. Combining a streamlined, low-risk process and access to an investment vehicle tied to one of the world’s most coveted hospitality brands makes our La Dolce Visa opportunity genuinely best-in-class.

Through the Invest in Italy alliance with ForeverGood Hotels, investors gain coveted entry to La Dolce Visa while backing a principled, eco-conscious brand. 

With rewarding yields, rarefied benefits, and legal Italian residency status, this tailored offering epitomizes “Residence by Investment” worldwide.

The flexibility and minimal risk of Italy’s Investor Visa are unmatched in the EU landscape. Italy itself is a global brand powerhouse. There’s no more optimal path to obtaining residency in the fabled Bel Paese.

To explore joining ForeverGood Hotels’ La Dolce Visa journey, prospective investors can reach Invest in Italy at enquiries@investinitaly.world or through their website.