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Holborn Assets Appoints Pablo Ostrick to Lead Global Expansion of Fast-Growing RCBI Division

Holborn Pass
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Pablo Ostrick has been named the new Managing Director of Holborn Pass (the RCBI arm of Holborn Assets) as the company seeks to continue its growth path to become the market leader for residency and citizenship by investment services.

Holborn Assets, the leading British wealth management firm with US$3bn of assets under management and 600+ staff across 25 international offices, recently announced the appointment of Pablo Ostrick as Managing Director of its Residency and Citizenship Investment Division. He will oversee global operations across the international offices and drive new business initiatives in the rapidly growing RCBI industry.

Offering RCBI services to 20-000-strong existing client base

“Holborn Assets’ 25-year track record speaks for itself,” commented CEO Bob Parker, “and we bring to the industry what it is lacking: A team of qualified advisers who can offer professional advice to clients. RCBI investors can trust us to advise on the right program for their needs and also the right investment. Our advisers are all qualified by the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments.“

Pablo started to offer citizenship and residence by investment products to Holborn’s 20,000-strong global client base after pitching the idea to the company’s COO Simon Parker. Mr. Parker saw the rapid growth in the division and accelerated the transformation of Holborn Pass with Pablo to be arguably one of the biggest firms offering citizenship by investment services.

“We are delighted to make Pablo the Managing Director of Holborn Pass at this exciting time for our firm,” remarked Simon Parker. “His experience perfectly aligns with our growth strategy for the RCBI space. The demand for alternative citizenship and residency among our existing and new client base requires a knowledgeable and driven leader at the helm. The market is fast-moving and Pablo has shown knowledge and ability to manage this dynamic industry, meeting the demands of our HNWI investors.” 

Leveraging an existing worldwide office network

Ostrick said he was “honored to lead Holborn Pass and our talented team of experts to serve our client’s citizenship and residency planning needs. My priority is ensuring we provide the highest level of tailored residence and citizenship by investment advisory services as we continue to expand our global footprint.”

Holborn Assets’ global footprint is a key strategic advantage.

“We are currently recruiting to expand our global network of citizenship consultants," added Ostrick. "We believe we offer the best platform for consultants with an established client network, thanks to our professional standards and brand reputation as well as offering the highest remuneration in the industry.“

A central focus going forward, he emphasized, would be to “stay abreast of the constantly changing landscape in the investment migration industry. We have already seen several major programs change their investment requirements in 2023. That being said, we have direct relationships with the top industry stakeholders and know how to manage client expectations while ensuring their investments are safe and lead to a second passport/residency, which adds value to their lives.”  

Hiring 25 RCBI advisors by the end of the year

Holborn advises on programs in more than 20 countries to investors all over the globe. The Portuguese Golden Visa, however, has been a top program for Holborn Pass, accounting for over EUR 350m of client investments in the last three years. The firm has consistently guided thousands of clients through the program over the last few years. Pablo is well aware that the upcoming legislative changes pose a strategic test for the firm's clients, but points out that the team is confident numbers will continue to soar. 

“This year has had its ups and downs for the Portuguese Golden Visa. We believe the new regulations will offer opportunities to be innovative, and we have products lined up that can service more clients than before. I am incredibly excited to work with the new program criteria.” 

Ostrick is initially targeting the recruitment of 25 RCBI advisors by the end of 2023 to work alongside the current 250 wealth managers to support the expansion.

“The investment migration industry will continue to grow. We are in an enviable position to add significant value to clients thanks to our global coverage. I am fully focused on making Holborn Pass the favored choice of investment migration firm for HNWIs.”

If you would like to contact Mr. Pablo Ostrick to discuss employment or partnership opportunities, reach out to him via pablo.ostrick@holbornassets.com