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Empowered Startups: Matching Entrepreneurs With R&D Startups for Residency in Portugal

Empowered Startups
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As we enter an era of artificial intelligence (AI) taking over jobs and functions in every industry, it is imperative that countries keep up with the technology if they want their economies to grow. 

Regardless of industry, the HQA (Highly Qualified Activity) Visa program is open to accomplished businesspeople around the world. It opens a pathway to residency in Portugal for entrepreneurs and their families and helps Portugal stay ahead of the tech curve. 

HQA Visa participants with projects innovating in areas such as deep-tech, high-tech, veterinarian science, e-learning, mental health, social sciences, human resource management, digital finance, green building science, photovoltaic panels, and more have found success in their new R&D projects. 

If you are a qualified businessperson, you will always be able to find a high-potential R&D startup opportunity with Empowered Startups Portugal. There is so much R&D innovation activity in Portugal that listing all the opportunities is impossible.  

Portugal’s research institutions, PhD and Master’s students, business school undergraduates, engineers, and developers closely align with Empowered Startups’ incubation program and leadership. 

Empowered Startups Portugal is also tasked with establishing strong industry-specific R&D clusters. As Empowered works closely with research facilities, several cluster areas have been identified as areas that are growing: 

  • Green Tech 
  • Wearables 
  • Mechatronics
  • Aerospace
  • Fintech
  • Edtech 
  • Agtech
  • Software development

Not sure how your business would fit into one of these research areas? The team from Empowered Startups can help bring your vision to life, including assistance with business plans, partnerships with research facilities, and more. 

The HQA Visa Program delivered by Empowered Startups, in partnership with the Government of Portugal, allows busy, highly qualified international professionals to balance their competing demands of running existing businesses and careers overseas while seeding an option on their residency or citizenship future in Portugal. 

Your path to Portugal is easier than you might think. Get started today at empoweredstartups.com