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CiviQuo – A New Business Hub for Golden Visa Agents

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One of the challenges that agents and practitioners for residency and citizenship programmes face is that of competing for visibility, in what can be a veritable cut-throat global market. Despite the relative accessibility of online marketing, a strategic and extensive investment in resources is still required for companies and agents to be able to reach their target audiences and generate a constant stream of leads.

CiviQuo promises to revolutionize the market by offering agents and intermediaries one robust commercial portal that will cut through the noise and directly reach prospective clients of residency and second citizenships.

Price transparency, ease of comparison

Targeting busy, price-conscious and discerning HNWIs who want to make an informed choice on their residency- or citizenship-by-investment aspirations, the CiviQuo portal will bring the largest selection of programmes, licensed agents, and intermediaries in the industry to one online hub.

CiviQuo have identified a specific market need and offers a pragmatic online tool that empowers prospects to make informed decisions after searching and comparing programmes and service providers on one dedicated site. Prospects will no longer have to browse and sift through many individual sites for different country programmes and service providers. CiviQuo will already have done all the shopping around, hence avoiding the tedious process for clients and thus, saving time.

Unbiased, peer-reviewed ratings and disclosure of pricing will allow CiviQuo to bring to the industry unparalleled transparency and integrity, which will contribute to the project’s longevity as well as to the industry’s reputation.

Splitting the cost of lead-generation

Screen capture from the CiviQuo platform

For service providers, it will offer superior lead-generation at a fraction of the cost of in-house marketing, as well as an unprecedentedly level playing field among agents, irrespective of size or balance sheet. The aim is to significantly reduce the cost of client acquisition for service providers, making it not only accessible, but also affordable and sustainable.

The project has rapidly gained traction and is attracting an impressive number of international service providers who are excited to be listed on a portal that will market citizenship and residency programmes globally.

“We are overwhelmed by the interest from the market,” says CiviQuo CEO and founder Yakof Agius. “Our extensive market research pointed strongly towards this, and we are very excited to now see it come to fruition. We are seeing a tremendous response because agents are seeing the value of their presence on a platform that has all the right ingredients for becoming the largest commercial showcase in the industry.”

Founders from the RCBI-frontlines

The business initiative is driven by two Malta-based industry specialists with a wealth of experience drawn from their involvement in the successful Malta citizenship-by-investment programme, touted to be the ‘gold standard’ for its execution of strict due diligence.

Founders Yakof Agius and Ryan Darmanin, together, bring to the table unique industry insights and a network of high calibre stakeholders, some of whom have since partnered with CiviQuo.

“The response from stakeholders is very encouraging. Having attracted various industry experts, specialists and thought leaders is surely a vote of confidence for this start-up” said Ryan Darmanin.

The coming together of this community was facilitated through the founders’ stature and reputation in the industry – a career that’s taken them from front-line contact with potential clients interested in acquiring alternative residency or citizenship, to discussions with governments and international political bodies about the sustainability of the RCBI industry. Yakof Agius is also one of the co-creators of the industry’s first RCBI risk matrix. These are the resources that the founders are drawing upon to make CiviQuo a success.

Screen capture from the CiviQuo platform

Focused on creating a solid commercial platform hosting a community of quality-assured stakeholders, integrity is one of CiviQuo’s points of departure. The agents and intermediaries who are part of the CiviQuo community will be those who operate only at the highest ethical standards of professionalism – a requirement that is a sine qua non in the industry.

Committed to always following the highest standards of good practice, CiviQuo is working with industry regulators to ensure it always offers a business proposal that is not only lucrative but also secure and transparent for all stakeholders.

“As an industry we must not only claim high ethical standards, but we must evidence this through transparent practices,” said Yakof. “It is an open secret that not everybody operates at this high ethical level and this threatens the entire eco-system. When the industry is continuously under scrutiny by political bodies, professionalism and ethics should be non-negotiables for all players in the field. This is our starting point at CiviQuo – we are building a community of agents and partners of the highest calibre where our reputation precedes us. Our aim is to give customers peace of mind. They must feel safe and confident that by staring their RCBI journey through CiviQuo they are always being offered quality assured agents, accurate information and a top-notch experience.”

A start-up 18 months in the making, CiviQuo is set to launch in Q4 this year. If you are an agent or an intermediary and would like to join this fast-growing business community, send CiviQuo an email on register@civiquo.com. Find out how easy it is to reach out to the international market as a community of service providers.

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