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Baseflow Raises $2.5M from Tesla, SpaceX Investors to Revolutionize CBI Industry


The recent months have been hectic for the investment migration industry. Fear, uncertainty, and doubts surround many sovereign programs – some of which are the last resort of freedom for global citizens. Efficiency, privacy, and security are a must to create a new paradigm that helps forward-looking countries attract talent and wealth to create and connect with a new diaspora of citizens.

That’s where Baseflow comes into play.

Baseflow has created the most efficient Citizenship by Investment experience ever made. By offering a unified and secure platform, soon-to-be citizens can streamline the entire process from a user-friendly dashboard. Baseflow allows applicants and governments to securely share confidential information, protected by Swiss privacy laws, avoiding the data leaks and privacy concerns that come with the use of multiple legacy tools like email, WhatsApp, or Google Drive.

Also, instead of spending tens of hours filling PDFs, Baseflow uses AI to automatically fill and generate all citizenship application documents. The platform even helps applicants with the minutia of scheduling appointments, health checkups, document notarizations, and more.

Government agents are already using Baseflow to track applications and submit feedback to the citizenship applicants. Governments and CBI units can integrate with Baseflow to make the process 10x faster, easier, and safer for everyone. More on this soon.

Baseflow has raised $2.5M from world-class investors to become the golden standard of Citizenship by Investment. Prominent backers include Balaji Srinivasan, Tim Draper, Aragon DAO, Alchemy, and many other angel investors.

Balaji Srinivasan is a renowned angel investor and the author of The Network State, coining the term and the movement.

Tim Draper is a prominent venture capitalist, and investor in Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, Coinbase, and others.

Baseflow is the first product of The Network State Company, a Switzerland-based company founded by entrepreneurs Luis Cuende, Alex Recouso, and Uxio Piñeiro, with the broader vision of creating prosperous societies. The former, having previously co-founded Aragon, which helps online communities govern $20B+, and having been an advisor to the European Commission.