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Baseflow Is Now CitizenX — Creating the Future of Citizenship


We are excited to introduce you to CitizenX, the very first product designed by The Network State Company.

CitizenX is the world’s first platform to find and fund places that welcome you as a citizen.

Today, CitizenX helps you diversify your passport portfolio to secure a safe haven, travel freely across the globe, and discover your new values-aligned home(s).

But CitizenX has a broader mission: creating the future of citizenship. CitizenX is a seamless and holistic citizen experience — ranging from passports to residences, renouncements, and business incorporations — so you can become truly free.

Creating the future of citizenship for a more prosperous, free world is engrained in us from our origins in the crypto industry, which shares a similar ethos. Our co-founder, Luis Cuende, previously co-founded Aragon — managing $20B of assets and building some of the foundational technologies used by thousands of people to coordinate outside of traditional organizational structures. This is related to our work today.

Though you can now freely move assets across borders, you are still limited by your citizenship. Crypto was not just about technology but about fundamental rights — and we are bringing the same ethos to citizenship.

Your citizenship is one of the most important, if not the most important, assets you own. Citizenship determines where you live and can travel, which impacts your business opportunities, relationships, food and water supply, politics, activities, and day-to-day quality of life.

Yet citizenship remains a niche asset class mainly because applications for these programs are frustratingly complex. “Citizenship by investment” programs, cumbersome by design for security and compliance reasons, are stuck in the past. Existing procedures require filling out lengthy PDFs, sending sensitive personal data via insecure channels such as email, and having to persistently follow up to track the status of your application. This is far from the delightful experience we are aiming to provide to the soon-to-be citizens of the most forward-looking countries on Earth.

If we want more people to invest in citizenship and get back control over their money, choices, and destiny we need a seamless and simple citizenship experience. That’s why, today, we’re introducing CitizenX.

Enter CitizenX — the future of citizenship.

CitizenX is the world’s first platform to discover and join countries that welcome you as a citizen. We help you diversify your passport portfolio, because we believe citizenship is the ultimate currency of freedom. We are creating a way to see and be in the world that would not be possible otherwise. Starting here, with a revolutionary new way to invest in citizenship.

CitizenX is streamlined yet personal.

We are bringing investing in citizenship beyond what should be expected in 2024. Not analog (paper, PDFs, wet ink), not digital (scanning and emailing), but digitally native using the best modern technology.

In the 90’s you needed stock brokers to invest in companies. Now, you can do so seamlessly over the internet from a device in your pocket. CitizenX allows you to do that with your passport portfolio.

Our platform replaces outdated, inefficient (often manual) legacy processes and red tape, resulting in faster turnaround at a lower cost. At the same time, we use technology to personalize your citizen experience at every step — all with the overview of dedicated specialists and expert lawyers.

CitizenX is secure and private by default

We know your citizenship is as sensitive and crucial as your health. That’s why we take privacy to the next level.

CitizenX is a complete security upgrade from the existing processes of emailing/faxing/mailing your sensitive personal information. We are committed to end-to-end encryption, ensuring that no one, not even us, will be able to access your information without your permission. Security is not just a promise, it’s a mathematical guarantee.

We always want you to retain control of your data and designed our platform to ensure your application(s) can be reviewed without ever storing data on personal devices. You decide when and with whom to share your information. Your information never leaves CitizenX, where you have absolute control over it. Avoid sending sensitive information through insecure channels, and ensure a secure environment all the way.

Our servers are in Switzerland, where your data is shielded by the world’s strongest privacy laws, making CitizenX a neutral haven for your personal data, safeguarding your privacy and freedom. We also implement rigorous compliance protocols for client screening, transaction monitoring, and audits to ensure our platform remains ethically sound.

CitizenX is transparent

When it comes to the citizenship investment process, information is often contradictory, confusing, or simply unavailable hidden behind paywalls, consultancy calls, and emails.

We are fans of IMI Daily because of the exceptional job they do at bringing transparency to reporting on investment migration.

We want to bring the same transparent energy to the citizenship space. We don’t believe pricing should be complicated, nor should it be based on arbitrary consulting fees. CitizenX is a trusted software platform to connect you with countries that want you as a citizen. Our pricing model has absolutely zero hidden or extra fees, so you can track your cost at every step, and always see what stage your application is in.

To double down on this effort, we are also introducing three new, completely unique features:

  • A passport search engine that allows you to explore countries eager to welcome you, featuring dynamic pricing and advanced filtering. It is available on our new home page.
  • Upgraded country pages that provide more information about your future home(s), including important metrics such as passport strength, visa-free access, and global reach, as well as the more qualitative appeal of each place. We visited each of these countries to learn more and better showcase them to you.
  • A dynamic cost calculator that you can customize based on your needs for every country.

Finally, all your passports, residencies, and companies in one seamless citizen experience.

CitizenX is a citizen-centric experience where the focus is on you, the individual.

The fundamental flaw with government-built citizenship platforms is that they’re built for specific countries, with the goal of maximizing how the country can benefit from the citizens, residents, or business owners. We believe that in the 21st century, the individuals have the leverage. It’s the countries that should compete for the best citizens.

CitizenX enables you to interact effortlessly with one or many jurisdictions, creating and managing “citizen profiles” with multiple nations through a single interface. This personalized, plug-and-play approach significantly reduces the friction and marginal cost of getting a new citizenship, residency, or company. It also reduces lock-in risk, so you don’t have to depend on a single country.

At the same time, this approach happens to also be the most beneficial for host countries. With CitizenX, there’s a network of global citizens willing to allocate capital into values-aligned locations, whose policy-makers now have the possibility of unlocking foreign capital by providing the right incentives (by offering citizenship, for example).

A great thing about investing in citizenship is the possibility to do it from anywhere in the world.

With CitizenX, newly-minted citizens can easily keep investing in their recently-joined homes or in new ones through whichever asset class they desire citizenship, real estate, bonds, or businesses. This way, forward-looking nations have the possibility of tapping into a new diaspora of global citizens.

We imagine a prosperous, free world where citizens vote with their feet starting with a reimagined citizen experience.

If this resonates with you, you can get onboard CitizenX at CitizenX.com and embark on your journey to becoming truly free.