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Aspect Fund I: A High-Return, Quality-Projects Golden Visa Investment Opportunity


Portugal’s golden visa continues to attract thousands of the globe’s best investors to the EU nation, and while the program’s elegant simplicity plays a massive role in doing so, great investment opportunities should also be considered a major driver for demand.

The investment component of the golden visa is normally overlooked as nothing more than a means to an end, a falsehood that Qualive has proven time and again should not stand. By offering our clients high-value investment opportunities, we have shown the world’s investors that they can obtain a golden visa through an investment that actually makes sense.  

Qualive is a real estate developer based in Porto, Portugal, and backed by high-net-worth individuals and family funds. By associating with fund management entity Heed Capital in launching Aspect Fund I, retail investors will have an opportunity to be exposed to Qualive’s development project.  

As developers for the companies in which this highly intricate fund invests, Qualive will continue to develop top-tier projects aiming to provide the Portuguese housing market with stunning, high-yield properties. 

Aspect Fund I overview

This new value-add real estate development-focused fund aims to capture below-market-value acquisitions and strategic value-add returns in prime locations of the Greater Porto area through its portfolio of invested companies (SPVs). Qualive’s extensive network in acquisition and focus on design-driven value add provides a low-entry and high-growth strategy, which brings a 20% p.a. plus target return for the projects. 

The fund’s target ROI for its investors is set at a compounded 20% per annum (p.a.), a rate set well above average within the realm of the golden visa. This high return follows in the vision of Aspect Fund I to provide golden visa applicants with a fund investment option that is usually considered by local and non-immigrant investors.

Therefore, the fund not only brings attractive returns for its investors but also qualifies them for the golden visa. The fund’s size starts at 10 million and is capped at 20 million. The minimum subscription amount for the fund starts at 250,000 EUR, while those wishing to qualify for a golden visa can invest the required 500,000 EUR. The fund’s projects have an average maturity of five years, which aligns it with the golden visa’s requirements, making it an excellent venture for prospective applicants. 

By creating a true investment opportunity by all definitions, Aspect Fund I has elevated the investment component of the golden visa to match the immigration component, providing golden visa applicants with the maximum fiscal and mobility benefits possible. 

A strong start built upon a successful past

The invested companies from Aspect Fund I will focus on Qualive’s projects, and for good reason. As a real estate developer based in Porto, Portugal, Qualive has had a groundbreaking track record of successful projects that produced over 20% p.a. returns to its long-term investors since 2016.

Qualive’s development expertise is perfectly complimented by Heed Capital’s extensive fund management knowledge.

Heed Capital is a leading asset management firm that brings with it more than two decades of fund management and financial advisory experience. Heed Capital’s diverse team of financial experts has worked with various asset classes throughout different locations within Portugal and across the globe. 

Heed Capital’s track record is one brimming with success and prosperity for its investors, expertise that will transfer into Aspect Fund I. 

“We are very excited with Aspect Fund I’s proposal. We truly believe that we can offer outstanding returns to investors while they are pursuing a residence authorization and, later on, a new citizenship or a permanent residence. And having the opportunity to be exposed to projects from an important player in the real estate sector, such as Qualive, is also a value-added to our investors.”

As real estate remains a robust hedge against inflation and the Portuguese housing market continues to grow, now is the opportune moment for investors to get involved. The current housing market in Porto boasts a 20% year-on-year (YoY) appreciation rate, highlighting how profitable real estate can be, especially in the long run. 

This is why Aspect Fund I is able to provide investors high yield, and the fund has also put safeguards as the companies invested by it will own 100% of the land as collateral to ease the minds of everyone involved. 

Aspect Fund I’s return procedure is straightforward, and non-resident investors will also benefit from a tax exemption on their returns. The investment process is transparent and efficient: investors will be updated through reports and annual shareholders’ meeting.

The time to invest is now

Aspect Fund I’s first phase of subscriptions will close in September of 2022, meaning investors wishing to take advantage of this unique opportunity should do so now. 

The process is simple, Heed Capital will assess a potential investor to ensure they match the criteria and requirements to invest in the fund, and after all the forms and compliance checks are completed, the investor then transfers the capital.

From there on, Heed Capital will manage the fund alongside all the important aspects, such as return distributions, while Qualive continues to do what we do best – develop magnificent properties. 

The aim is to create a traditional high-return investment opportunity for golden visa applicants, and through Aspect Fund I, Portugal’s golden visa now makes more financial sense than ever. 

To know more about Aspect Fund I, contact us today via Heed Capital’s or Qualive’s websites (www.heedcap.com or www.qualive.co) or schedule a meeting today via this link.

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