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A Historically Illustrious Wonder in the Heart of Portugal; Palacete Da Misericórdia – Evora Heritage Hotel

Qualive is proud to announce a unique investment opportunity that allows investors who are interested in the golden visa to become shareowners of a hotel situated in a historical 16th-century palace.  This remarkable boutique hotel qualifies for the 280,000 euro category of the golden visa, while also providing guaranteed passive returns along with the excellent potential for capital gain on exit. 

The project’s location, history, specifications, and financials are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity sprawling deep within the heart of Portugal. We are proud to introduce the Palacete Da Misericórdia Hotel.

The location

In the lush Alentejo, Portugal’s southern region, lies the captivating city of Evora. The city is the region’s capital, and it has maintained its status as a hub for arts, cuisine, education, and more since the royal family designated it as the second major city of the nation in the 15th century. 

A UNESCO Heritage site, Evora is full to the brim with fascinating wonders dating back to the Roman Empire. History’s aura seeps through its antique churches and monuments, many having survived the Roman, Visigoth, Celtic, Moorish, and modern eras, draping the city in a unique essence of culture and heritage. 

Within the crux of the city, the Largo da Misericórdia, stands the Grand House, a remarkable building exemplifying traditional Portuguese architecture stemming from the 16th century.

The magnificent structure, which acted as a Palace for the renowned Calça e Pina family in the 18th century, still adorns the exquisite details that cemented its status as an architectural marvel. From the wide, central staircase at the entrance to the glass roof atrium and classical frescoes gracing its walls and ceilings, the Grand House exudes extravagance.

The Grand House’s story is full of history and lavish living, but it is about to embark on one of its most exciting journeys yet; becoming a luxury heritage hotel, the Palacete Da Misericórdia.

The hotel

The hotel’s 22 rooms will preserve the character of the palace while adding a touch of modern sophistication, giving residents the best of both worlds. 

The hotel’s location and its unique design booming with personality make it a perfect place for travelers to spend their downtime when exploring the endless attractions of Evora.

As the Alentejo is known for its summer heat, a swim in the pool by the garden in the courtyard is in order. The hammam-style spa, built into the oldest part of the grand house, is both for guests and locals ‘in the know’. The restaurant, part of the city’s gourmet reputation, is open to all for either lunch or dinner. 

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It isn’t just the design and location that make the Palacete Da Misericórdia Hotel a unique proposition for international investors, but its eligibility for the golden visa.

The financial return

The Palacete Da Misericórdia Hotel is located in a low-density area, meaning it qualifies for a discounted price on the rehabilitation option, making the investment amount of 280,000 Euro (112k property acquisition + 168k construction investment) enough for investors to apply for the golden visa.

Investing in the hotel is easy and awards investors hassle-free, passive guaranteed income at a rate of 3%. Shareowners do not need to actively manage any aspect of the project, as the hotel management will take care of everything. On top of the rental yield, investors have the opportunity to exit their shares after five years. According to the financial projections, the hotel investment will bring a significant capital gain estimated to be ~96,000 euros (34% asset value appreciation) if the investors choose to exit in year six.

Investors will also get free seven-day accommodation at the hotel each year for five consecutive years, which is how long it takes to get a permanent residency or Portuguese citizenship. This benefit allows shareowners to taste the authenticity of Evora along with the refined lifestyle that seamlessly comes within the Palacete Da Misericórdia Hotel.

The hotel only has a limited 22 quotas available for investment. The investment qualifies for the reduced EUR 280,000 golden visa, which will likely be increased after YE 2021 with new regulations. It is an Investment option perfect for anyone looking for a hassle-free, high-yield investment. 

The perfect investment

Evora remains a top destination for local and international tourists looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the coastal areas and get a taste of authentic Portuguese living in a serene, yet exciting, city.

The city’s locals are welcoming, while the gastronomical scene is one of the best in the nation, offering a wide variety of traditional cuisines made with local, organic produce  

Hence, owning an investment in the city that offers you a stable return, free accommodation for a week each year, the potential of great profit, and, ultimately, the golden visa is the perfect investment for those looking to get value for their money.

Walking through the city’s streets as antique buildings flank old streets that beam with a character all within the embrace of ancient Roman walls is a remarkable activity, even more so when you are a resident staying the night at one of the world’s most unique boutique hotels. 

Qualive has an excellent track record of exceptional projects throughout Portugal. Working with the best restoration experts in the field we have transformed heritage sites into boutique projects and the Palacete Da Misericórdia Hotel is another outstanding addition to our unique portfolio. To know more about Palacete Da Misericórdia Hotel or our existing projects visit our website, check out our instagram, or contact us directly at 

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