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5 Keys to Differentiate Your Investment Migration Firm in a Post-2020 Marketplace—In Dubai or Anywhere 

ROC Citizenship
IMI Official Partner

The world of investment migration keeps getting larger—and with the broadening demand for investment migration products comes a greater need for firms to figure out how to stand out from the crowd. 

Dubai, of all jurisdictions, is renowned for being a major hub in this industry, but trust is key. The need to differentiate one’s operations and marketing approach is pressing. Moreover, as the customer base of this industry grows, new firms may try to enter the space without the requisite experience to deliver solid customer results. 

This threatens not only their own reputation but the entire industry. Customers want factual information to make real decisions that affect their lives. This is precisely what the team at ROC Citizenship has focused on and what we want to share our story about today. 

Here’s how we have aimed to stay ahead of the curve and set a new curriculum for investment migration with our base in Dubai and our vantage point looking globally: 

#1 – Focus on the markets others are ignoring 

New investment migration source markets have joined the fold due to global turbulence, especially since covid, as we all know. Nationals of countries that were not prior focused on – such as South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the US – have realized that to safeguard themselves, their families, and their wealth, they need a second citizenship or residency to hedge against unexpected turmoil. 

As a firm, we have chosen to focus on markets like Nigeria, Vietnam, and several others that are growing yet not properly understood in this industry. Rather than focusing growth efforts over traditional lanes (in which we are also happy to play a part), we look towards a more blue ocean strategy by going out regionally and setting up operations on the ground where other firms are merely relying on partner referrals. 

#2 – Put out quality information to create an educated buyer base 

More information out there on this space is good – if it is good information. At ROC Citizenship, we have made it our mission to provide honest and accurate analysis for the investors that approach us. 

This philosophy is especially crucial in emerging markets, where establishing awareness of investment migration and the methodology to complete its processes efficiently is vital. 

The US is a prime example here: the number of US citizens who obtained new mobility assets in 2019 was double that of the year before, and the trend of increased demand continues. The past three years have seen a record number of American investor migrants, with Portugal’s Golden Visa attracting especially large numbers while a significant amount have chosen St. Lucia’s citizenship by investment program.

Our core mission is to educate the public regarding the specifics of citizenship and residency by investment programs while also building the foundation of awareness in new source countries. 

#3 – Utilize a more holistic planning approach for clients 

Our expertise in the realm of investment migration helps us to look at a client more holistically. We have a large team with different background areas, including not only immigration but wealth management, tax advisory specifics, lifestyle services, and more. 

We want to offer a holistic approach to investment migration questions because the immigration equation touches every aspect of a client’s life. It cannot be looked at in a vacuum. What might another citizenship create, opportunity-wise or risk-wise?

What tax implications may arise? What real estate options might be beneficial to use? Firms need to continue attaining knowledge on everything investment migration-related. This includes intimate insight into destination countries with various nationalities on board. We have Europeans, MENA nationals, Africans, and Asians.

#4 – Make use of time-tested industry certifications and learning 

Key institutions exist in our space to bring the client engagement process to a certain standard that provides reliable results. A fact that we are very proud of is that we have four Investment Migration Council (IMC) certified practitioners; there are only 200 practitioners worldwide, split between thousands of investment migration firms with the same certification.

For instance, our CEO Lisa McShine is a Caribbean citizen. We find it funny to think sometimes how many team members from investment migration firms in Dubai, or anywhere for that matter, selling Caribbean citizenship options, have ever even set foot in the region. A brief glance at the industry landscape in the Middle East might yield meager estimates. 

Diversity allows a firm to provide consultations that actually operate on a much more realistic, experience-based level. Investment migration clients need to understand a country’s culture, political framework, and the opportunities they can take advantage of as citizens or residents. 

We work with clients from every corner of the globe through our team that speaks a wide array of languages, including English, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Tagalog, Afrikaans, and Spanish. We currently run the show from our offices in Dubai, but we have people in Central and South Africa, Egypt, and Europe, and we are currently in the midst of opening a new office in Saudi Arabia. Where can your map expand to be truly global? This is your growth area. 

#5 – Expand support beyond the citizenship discussion 

As we discussed, differentiated IM firms can go a step further beyond immigration matters and talk to clients about taxes and wealth management solutions. We want to set the bar by expanding this conversation after the applications, paperwork, and biometrics are done: what happens next? Build a brain trust of members on your team who can talk from their own experience as a citizen of a given country.

For example, how can an investor who obtains Caribbean citizenship through investment benefit from becoming a CARICOM citizen? Or how can they structure a business within the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) to maximize its potential and reduce costs? 

The benefits of investment migration go well beyond enhanced global mobility, but the discussion requires a firm that can track the whole roadmap for investors. That is precisely what ROC Citizenship does and what we want to champion for our industry. 

We work closely with our sister company, a Fortune 500 corporation, to provide clients with the most enticing investment products aligned to citizenship and residency. With a focus on transparency, professionalism, and empathy, you cannot lose as a firm. 

Bottom line 

The reality is that when factual information, true curiosity, and love of client service guide you, a 100% success rate is no accident. Analyze your client cases carefully, close any gaps that are present, and attentively craft solutions to ensure their success. 

These keys can form the framework to differentiate your firm in Dubai, or anywhere else you operate, and have been the foundation of our success since ROC Citizenship was established. To know more about ROC Citizenship and how we can help you with your citizenship or residency by investment needs, contact us today on our website.