Podcast: The World Isn’t Free, But You Can Be – Christian Nesheim on the My Latin Life Podcast

In this episode, IMI’s editor Christian Nesheim is the guest on the My Latin Life podcast, where he and the host Vance went into great detail about the history and future of investment migration and how it all fits into our community’s Weltanschauung.

We spoke about

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  • The philosophical underpinnings of IMI and its motto, “The World Isn’t Free, But You Can Be”;
  • How the investment migration sector developed from the early days to become a major industry;
  • Why Latin-American investment migration programs are becoming popular, especially with North Americans and Europeans;
  • How the profile of investor migrants has changed in recent years;
  • How the proliferation of sovereign, ungovernable individuals will make the world a far safer and more prosperous place for everyone;
  • What the world will look like when we have competition among states for talent and capital;
  • And much, much more.

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