Podcast: “The Winners Will Be Those Who Are Global” – Mimoun Assraoui and Eric Major

Our guests on the Mobility Standard podcast this episode were Mimoun Assraoui and Eric Major of the Latitude Group.

We spoke about:

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  • Why Mimoun is replacing Eric as CEO of the Latitude Group, and what Eric will be spending his time on going forward;
  • Latitude’s quest for “world domination” and its progress toward its stated goal of becoming the world’s largest investment migration firm;
  • Which markets the company is expanding into next and the ancillary services it plans on providing;
  • The role Latitude hopes to play in bringing the industry together to face common challenges;
  • Why the Investment Migration Council is viewed by many as, in Eric’s words, “a private members’ club” and how he plans to help change that;
  • What is happening on the government advisory front? How is Latitude working to get new programs opened?
  • What went wrong with the Dominica CIP for it to lose visa-free travel to the UK, and why did Saint Kitts & Nevis unilaterally raise their prices?
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Listen to the episode in the player below or find us on Spotify.