IMI Club Pro Members’ Exclusive Content: Fireside Chat with Andrew Henderson on Breaking Through Plateaus in Your Business

IMI Club Pro and Executive members can now watch an excerpt from our November 2022 IMI Connect Istanbul fireside chat with Andrew Henderson, founder of Nomad Capitalist. Find the interview in the Pro Members’ Lounge.

In the video, Andrew addresses questions like:

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  • Why, after a decade of building Nomad Capitalist and being the face of the company, is he now pulling back from public life and his leadership role to let the company take on a life of its own?
  • How to effectively use organic content, rather than paid marketing, to attract high-paying clients.
  • Why Nomad Capitalist is starting to target a narrower audience, focusing on maximizing sales rather than audience size.
  • The drawbacks of building a personal brand.
  • How to go from being a small global citizenship company to becoming a medium-sized one and, finally, master the transition to becoming a large global citizenship company. What needs to change in the way things are done to break through plateaus at each stage?

Andrew on breaking through plateaus:

  • “One question I’ve been dealing with for years is ‘how do we get rid of the lowest 20% of clientele?’ Do we just eliminate them? Or do we create some other service to put them into?”
  • “We’ve seen, when we’re hiring employees, a lot of people are able to go from 1 to 2, but they can’t get from 2 to 5. […] A lot of employees are accustomed to businesses that grow at a slow pace, or that don’t grow at all. […] Every time we reach a new plateau, there’s some kind of new bottleneck.”