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NEW: The IMI Citizenship Catalog – Every Path to Citizenship in Every Country

If you’ve ever tried to look up the various paths to citizenship in a particular country, you know that, while the information is publicly available, it is scattered all across the internet, making research on the topic a time-consuming and confusing affair.

Today, IMI is making it easy for you to quickly find out the citizenship policies of every single country. With our brand new tool, the IMI Citizenship Catalog, we’ve combed through the nationality laws of 195 countries and gathered the information in a single place that provides a detailed, sortable table, as well as a series of maps and charts to help visualize global citizenship rules.

With the IMI Citizenship Catalog, you can easily answer questions like:

  • How long does it take to become eligible for citizenship in Colombia if I am married to a local citizen?
  • Which countries in Asia offer the fastest path to naturalization?
  • Does Armenia offer citizenship by exception?
  • Where can I get citizenship based on the citizenship of my great-grandparents?
  • If I want to give my child a new citizenship on the day they’re born, where should I give birth?
  • Which countries offer citizenship by exception while also allowing dual citizenship?
  • And a hundred other questions.

Sort and search through 843 different ways to get citizenship in 195 countries:

Visualize the availability of each path to citizenship on interactive maps

Citizenship by Naturalization:

Citizenship by Marriage:

Citizenship by Preferred Nationality:

Citizenship by Descent:

Citizenship by Birth:

Citizenship by Exception:

Citizenship by Investment

Dual Citizenship Rules:

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