IMI Connect Cairo and Global Citizen Week: Join Us For a Magical Experience in April

Get ready for the greatest investment migration event in history.

We realize that’s a bold claim, but we’re convinced you’ll see we’re right. Whether you’re an RCBI consultant, property developer, immigration lawyer, or anyone else who’s part of the investment migration ecosystem, this will be the single-highest ROI event of the year for you.

In 2023, for the first time, IMI and Outbound Group joined forces to co-host Global Citizen Week in Saigon.

Following the astonishingly positive feedback from Saigon, we decided to continue our cooperation to offer another unbeatable all-in-one event series, this time in an even more exotic location: Get ready to experience the magic of Cairo, the ancient cradle of civilization and the modern-day megacity.

See full event details on the IMI Connect Cairo page

Home to more than 22 million, Greater Cairo is the largest urban area not only in Africa but also in the Middle East. Egypt has a fast-growing population of 110 million, of whom more than 16,000 are HNWI, making it Africa’s second wealthiest country.

One of the hottest outbound markets for investment migration, Egypt has recently become a notable inbound market as well, thanks to wide-ranging reforms to its citizenship by investment program, which now allows those who invest $300,000 in open-market real estate to become citizens.

Take your investment migration business to the next level

Across four days – April 22nd to 25th – you’ll get everything you could possibly ask from an investment migration event:

  • Build your business by forging partnerships with agents in the local market
  • Cultivate your relationships with international investment migration peers and industry leaders
  • Have a great time with friends old and new in a comfortable yet exhilarating atmosphere

Here’s what’s on our agenda:

The Night Before – April 22nd

Get-together for drinks and a bite at the Mena House Terrace

As is our custom, we’ll warm up for the days ahead with a leisurely open-air cocktail, co-hosted by IMI and Outbound Group, to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

This time, however, our Night Before event will have a one-of-a-kind backdrop: 

The Great Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one of them still standing. 

The 4,600-year-old structure was the tallest in the world for four millennia. As you sip your cocktail and have a bite in the balmy Cairene spring evening on the Moghul Room Terrace, the Great Pyramid is but a couple hundred meters away – so close you can almost touch it. 

As always, the drinks are on us.

Outbound Day – April 23rd

Business development at the Mena House Khalifa Ballroom

A message from our partners
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Outbound Group hosts its Outbound Summit at the in the ballroom at Mena House, providing the business development opportunity of the year in Egypt.

Outbound Group will bring together local Egyptian agents and intermediaries, and connect them with overseas solution providers from jurisdictions across the world.

Staying true to Outbound’s brand promise, 75% of the attendees will be from the local market, giving you an unrivaled opportunity to find local partners looking for solution providers like you.

IMI Connect Day – April 24th (Daytime)

Mena House Eugenie Garden

Mena House will be our base while in Cairo. We’ll ensconce ourselves in this serene refuge from the commotion of the metropolis, surrounded by 40 acres of scented gardens.

Built in 1869 in the shadow of the Great Pyramid, the hotel has played host to kings and emperors for generations. Visitors describe the interior, which is furnished with original art and antiques, as “more of a royal residence than a hotel.”

This is where we’ll host IMI Connect Day, with our uniquely well-received, guest-centric format: Closed doors, open discussions. No clients, no government, and no media. This day is just for us, dedicated to no-holds-barred debates our community has come to know and love. 

IMI Connect Dinner Cruise – April 24th (Evening)

Nile River

For some, the main event will no doubt be our customary IMI Connect Dinner Cruise – this time, of course, on the Nile: The world’s longest river and the backbone of Egyptian civilization since literally the Stone Age.

The IMI Connect Dinner Cruise on the Nile will also, of course, include our famous Investment Migration Trivia Contest. 

With many former champions among our guests, the title is sure to be hotly contested this year.

Excursion to the Pyramids – April 25th

Great Pyramid of Giza

We would be remiss if we brought you to Egypt without also arranging for you to see its main attraction: The pyramids of Giza.

Join your friends and colleagues for an all-inclusive, guided excursion to the pyramids, and write it all off as a business expense with a clear conscience.

The excursion, which is co-hosted by IMI and Outbound Group, is an optional feature of Global Citizen Week, and tickets must be bought separately.