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Last Call For Porto: 4 Essential Things to Keep In Mind Before Golden Visa Changes Kick In

The Portuguese golden visa is one of the most popular investment immigration programs globally, and for good reason; a simple process that grants EU residency with a fast track to citizenship, it doesn’t get better than that. Or actually, it just might. 

One of the most alluring, and overlooked, aspects of the golden visa is the investment. While Portuguese residency and citizenship seem to get massive hype – which they certainly should – the investment itself can be equally life-altering. If you choose the right one, that is.

We at Qualive understand better than anyone the impact an extraordinary investment can have on one’s life, and we want to share the most vital criteria you should consider before buying a property to qualify for the golden visa, so let’s get cracking.

#1: The location

This matter is now more critical than ever, as the Portuguese government prepares itself to instill a wide range of changes to the golden visa in 2022, most notably removing Lisbon and Porto from the areas that qualify for the golden visa under property investment.

Both Lisbon and Porto have been the significant hubs of property investment within the scope of the golden visa, and it is unsurprising. Porto, specifically, is an exciting investment destination, as the city’s unmatched aesthetic, bustling neighborhoods, world-class cuisine, friendly culture, and value for money make it one of the best places to invest worldwide. 

However, the clock is ticking, and Porto will soon leave the list of investment destinations eligible for the golden visa, triggering a last call for investors worldwide. Those proactive enough to take advantage of this transition period will reap great rewards. Porto remains one of the most attractive cities globally to live in, and properties in the Portuguese city have outstanding appreciation rates. One can only assume they will become more significant in value once Porto becomes an exclusive investment hub. 

#2: The Project

Buying property in a great location such as Porto is all and well, but to truly get the maximum out of your investment, you should choose the best property available. And we at Qualive have exactly just that, introducing Dom Pedro Quinto.

Dom Pedro Quinto is one of our best projects in Portugal, pristinely located on one of Porto’s main avenues connecting the bustling downtown to the serene riverside; it offers its inhabitants the best Porto has to offer. 

The award-winning project, masterly designed by the illustrious Adriano Pimenta, is a unique one. It was crafted with the objectives of offering luxurious living and more excellent appreciation rates simultaneously. 

Young, elite families who desire both ultimate privacy with the window for social engagement have been the most prominent investors. The project has an exquisite design, consisting of a majority of two-bedroom homes with private patios or gardens beautifully embracing a boutique guesthouse adorned with a terrace for the project’s owners and guests to enjoy.

The project can meet everyone’s taste, as it includes four differing housing concepts that intertwine beautifully to create the masterpiece that is Dom Pedro Quinto. From two-bedroom houses ornamented with private gardens facing a canopy of maple trees, three-bedroom houses with extensive terraces, ground properties with private courtyards, to upper-floor duplexes providing their inhabitants with open landscape and river views. 

At the heart of Dom Pedro Quinto lies its piece de resistance, Casa Dom Pedro, a mansion flawlessly transformed into a six-room boutique guesthouse enclosing a pool and breakfast room for both residents and guests alike. 

Whether you are looking to reside in the magnificent Porto or simply want an investment within the parameters of the golden visa that will actually pay off, Dom Pedro Quinto hits the mark. 

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#3: The Return on Investment

You want your investment to yield a respectable return, not just get you the golden visa. Property investments have a two-pronged sword when it comes to return on investment; rent and appreciation. 

When it comes to rent, we at Qualive have a professional team of dedicated property managers that handle rental management services. Our focus on differentiating interior decor, high-end residential service, and exquisite attention to detail sets us apart from other rental managers in the market. The past year our managed rental income performed 40% above the market average in Portugal, making our portfolio the most resilient in the market. 

As for appreciation rates, Porto is one of the best locations in Portugal to make a nifty profit off your property. Even during the pandemic ravaged year of 2020, properties in Porto’s region saw a 6.77% increase in value, higher than the country’s average and about 0.75% higher than the increase in Lisbon. 

Qualive’ development Dom Pedro Quinto is highly sought after for it’s convenient location, it’s private and secluded gardens, and it’s modern, luxury architecture. The high liquidity on the market ensures our investors an easy exit whenever they wish to sell the projects, and we provide them with resale services with our exclusive and hand-selected network of brokers. 

#4: The Partner

A critical matter to consider, whomever your working with regarding the golden visa is imperative for your peace of mind and your investment to bear fruit. 

We at Qualive understand the importance of customer-centric, high-quality service, and we do not accept any less for any of our clients. We have carefully crafted a list of services for our clientele that keeps them happy throughout the entire process, from considering a property to eventually selling it. Here are some of our main services:

●    Comprehensive real estate management  – Qualive is a full-cycle developer; we begin with architectural design, development, and construction management of the property. After an investor purchases a unit, we engage in comprehensive – and unmatched – property management and facility management on their behalf.

●    Solid local access – Our expertise, vast network of connections, and top-tier market intelligence set up allows us to constantly access high-potential investment opportunities rarely seen on the market. 

●    Design-Driven Value Addition: Some of the best architects in the world masterfully design our projects. We use scientific and data-driven decision-making to ensure our projects perfectly blend luxury living and return on investment. 

●    Return on investment- We offer our clients comprehensive property management, including short-term and long-term rentals. We have a robust track record of outperforming the national average rent yield, and we pride ourselves on constantly getting ultimate financial returns for our clients.

●    Exit Strategy – If our clients decide to make a profit by eventually selling their property once the holding period for the golden visa is over, we offer them our services in finding them a buyer and the best rates on the market. While this may seem like a grandeur task, our properties’ uniqueness and design make it quite simple to do. 

So there it is, the top 4 things to consider before buying property under the Portuguese golden visa umbrella. Once in a lifetime opportunities are extremely rare, hence the naming, and with the clock ticking on Porto’s golden visa involvement and Dom Pedro Quinto 90% reserved, this is the best chance to know more about our projects, services, and how you could transform your life to the better through the golden visa contact our sales director Laila Nesheim ( +351 937236730).

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