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How To Gain Residency In Ireland Through An Investment That Actually Pays Off

The Irish Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) has cemented itself as one of the most popular migration routes for high net worth individuals worldwide. The simplicity and elegance of the IIP coupled with the allure of the only English-speaking EU nation have played a major part in enticing 476 investors to obtain Irish residency between the years 2016-2018.

The chief appeal of the IIP is in its structuring, as it consists of three straightforward steps; first, you apply to the Irish government, and only after they approve your application you make the investment. Finally, you get your residency card. Simple as can be. 

While the IIP remains captivating on its own, any savvy investor knows that investment migration is not about relocation alone; finances play a crucial part. At Bartra Wealth Advisors Ltd, we want to walk you through the process of getting a residency in Ireland through an investment that is not only safe but profitable as well.

The IIP has four different types of investments to choose from:

  1. Making an enterprise investment of 1 million Euro
  2. Investing in an investment fund  in the amount of 1 million Euro
  3. Investing in real estate investment funds  in the amount of 2 million Euro
  4. Making a philanthropic donation of 500,000 Euro

The first three investments must be held for three years, a period much shorter than other immigration routes in Europe, yet still long enough for you to make a nifty profit if done correctly.

The makings of a savvy investment
The most important factors to consider when choosing an investment are the possible return on investment (ROI), the possible risk, and the exit strategy. These factors will be crucial in deciding whether your investment is just a means to an end (the Irish residency) or an actual golden goose. 

It is no surprise then, all factors considered, that the majority of investors who have applied to the IIP have chosen the enterprise investment route. 81% of applications were made through enterprise investment, while the second-most sought route at 12% was the philanthropic donation. 

Enterprise investments prove good value for money as they provide a neat ROI and have a clear-cut exit strategy; it is a risk that has to be managed correctly for enterprise investments to truly prove beneficial.

Mitigating risk is a key factor in determining the success, and sustainability, of any venture. When considering enterprise investments mitigating risk is done by asking two simple questions:

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  1. What are the projects of the enterprise?
  2. How do these projects derive income?

In the case of the IIP, the first question carries significant weight, as the Irish government has laid down a list of preferred projects or sectors, into which investments that are made carry a higher possibility of approval. The projects themselves, of course, must be structured in a way that will also generate profit; which leads us to the second question.

How projects derive income is an imperative matter to consider. Working on projects that operate on a B2C or B2B level carry higher risk, as individuals and businesses tend to be fickle about their choices, are susceptible to economic variations, and regulatory changes. Projects that derive income from governments, however, are more resilient and more risk avert.

Choosing a project in a government favored sector which then acquires its income from the same government is a robust plan for the ultimate success; preserving your initial investment, making a profit, and getting your residency.

Ireland the best choice for international investors
The outstanding quality of life, fertile investment landscape, strategic location, and endless benefits of healthcare and education have made Ireland the best choice for high net worth individuals seeking a better life.

Ireland’s status as a tax haven has been a driving force in bringing in some of the biggest corporations in the world, and it is that status along with a shrewd investment that can make Ireland not only your new home but a sanctuary for your investments and capital.

Ireland’s IIP also has a plethora of advantages over its European counterparts, the golden visas. The IIP only requires investment after approval, and unlike in other countries where the investment is required in real estate, investments in the IIP are hassle-free when it comes to liquidating your investment. No need for finding a property management firm to rent out the property for ROI, and no need to find a broker to find you a buyer once the holding period is over. IIP makes the process simple, clean, and efficient.

Obtaining residency in the most durable bridge between two of the strongest economies in the world, the EU and the UK, after Brexit is undoubtedly a wise move for international investors; something which the IIP sets the stage for in 2021.

At Barta Wealth Advisors Limited we pride ourselves on our 100% success and renewal rate, our robust projects in qualifying Social Housing and Nursing Homes projects, and our unmatched expertise in the IIP. Investors who invest in our Nursing Homes projects can get a 20% return (4% interest each year) upon the exit of the 1 million Euro investment for 5 years on top of obtaining the Irish residency. The safety of the investment coupled with the colossal return on offer by our project makes the IIP one of the most beneficial investment migration programs in the world. If you want to learn more about beginning your immigration journey to one of the world’s most fascinating destinations with a best-in-class Irish developer, contact us today for more information.

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