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The Definitive List of Investment Migration Events in 2018 – 35 Major Conferences Scheduled So Far

2018 will be the most conference-packed year in the history of the investment migration business. No less than 35 major conventions and exhibitions are scheduled to take place during the next 12 months, and organizers will announce further events in the coming weeks.

Investment Migration Insider has the industry’s most comprehensive and reliable overview of large-scale B2B and B2C conferences, and you can see them all here:

2018 Investment Migration Event Listings

As expected, the conference circuit is also this year heavily Asia-centric, with 17 of 35 major events taking place in China, while emerging investment migration market Vietnam plays host to at least three, starting with the 2018 Ho Chi Minh City EB-5 & Global Programs Expo in February, followed by Investment Immigration Summit Ho Chi Minh City in April.

BLS Media have picked India, another increasingly important market, as the site of their inaugural Global Investment Immigration Summit, while the IMC’s annual Investment Migration Forum will take place in Geneva, as always.

The Middle East, meanwhile, will see four large-scale conventions, the 12th Global Residence & Citizenship Conference the biggest among them. 

At least seven sizeable EB-5 conferences are on the agenda – starting with the 2018 Las Vegas EB-5 & Global Investment Immigration Convention – most of them hosted by EB5Investors.com, who will announce details for a further two conferences in the coming months.

The observant reader will note that, curiously, 11 of the 17 conferences scheduled for China this year are the biggest and most influential conferences in China, according to their respective websites.

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Only large-scale conferences and exhibitions are included in the list and not the smaller-scale, company-specific seminars, symposia, and so-called 说明会 (“explanatory meetings”) that take place on a weekly basis.

You can browse all 2018 events in our Events section, where you can also use the event list search function.

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